Why the Correct Storage Space Is Needed For Your Business

If you are a business that holds a lot of stock or has equipment essential to the running of your business, having the correct amount and type of storage space is vital. We review the

importance of protecting your stored assets and ensuring your business is able to operate normally and efficiently.

While business owners often make the mistake of looking for the cheapest storage solution, cost alone should not be your only consideration. Security can be a big issue and although your insurance may cover theft, the additional associated costs and disruption caused by the stealing or criminal damage of stored assets can be devastating.

Convenience should also be considered, with both on-site and off-site options available. Also, the business needs to think about how easy it is to extend the storage space as the business grows and operations increase.

Storage building (on-site)

One of the best options that is suitable for any business that has some space on their land is to construct a storage building for storing stock or equipment. There are many types of storage buildings to weigh up, different materials are suitable for different locations and budgets.

Wooden storage sheds are one popular choice and wood is usually easy to source. However, wood is not always the most durable material as it can be prone to rot and cannot withstand the harshest weather conditions such as heavy winds and hurricanes.

Another option is a prefabricated storage building made from commercial grade steel. These come in all sizes, so can be used by businesses with large quantities of stock or even just commercial buildings needing a small additional building for gardening and maintenance tools. 

One of the biggest benefits to using a Quonset style equipment storage building, for example, is that the buildings are self-supporting and do not require beams or trusses, meaning there is no restriction on storage space inside them.

Their arched design is made with durability in mind, and they have been known to withstand many of the harsh weather conditions faced in parts of the United States. The costs of prefab buildings can be more affordable compared to other types as you can install them yourself with your own team.

You may also want to consider how easy it is to move your storage building if you move business locations. While a brick outbuilding will need to remain in place, a prefab building can be taken down and reassembled on new land.

Storage locker or storage unit (off-site)

Another popular option that businesses use for storage is renting a locker or unit at an external site. Rental can be a sufficient option, particularly if you only need it in the short term or do not have any space for storage at your business location.

However, one of the major concerns is the security issues associated with renting a storage locker. Theft from lockers is on the rise and criminals often gain access by cutting the lock.

Vandalism is also a risk, as storage lockers and units and all placed next to one another, criminals have been known to cut through one business’ unit to gain access to another.

There is also accessibility to consider. An external storage solution relies on employees being willing and able to travel to the site to collect stock or equipment, this can be time wasting and cause significant transportation costs. Having storage onsite alleviates this problem.

Having insufficient storage space is a big issue for businesses but one that can be easily avoided with the right planning and investment. The main benefit a business will see in ensuring their product is stored correctly is that their operations can continue to run smoothly without disruption, as stock and equipment is safe and easily accessible.



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