Move-In Cleaning Services Overview

Whether customers are moving out of a home or preparing to buy one, move-in cleaning services offer a thorough top-to-bottom deep cleaning to ensure the space is ready for its new tenants. Many reputable cleaning services guarantee work, so potential customers should ask about stipulations.


The kitchen is a big part of any home or apartment, and it’s usually the first room customers want to be cleaned when they’re moving in. This is because the person or people who lived there before you, unless they were clean, inevitably left behind their fair share of dirt and grime. Most services like move-in cleaning Marietta GA include cleaning kitchen surfaces and appliances, such as the oven and stovetop, and wiping cupboards, sinks, and countertops. Some companies may even offer cleaning of refrigerators and freezers for an additional fee. The company will also wipe down the flooring and vacuum the pantry.


Bathrooms need extra care to ensure they’re clean for new tenants. Unlike ongoing cleaning services that may dust common spaces like bedrooms and living areas, move-in cleaning professionals take the time to thoroughly clean bathrooms, including all surfaces and wiping down fixtures, removing grime from bathtubs and sinks, and vacuuming all floors to ensure they’re free of contaminants and debris. This ensures your bathroom will look like a brand-new space and impress your guests as they move in.


Typically, a move-in cleaning checklist for bedrooms will include dusting all furniture and light fixtures, vacuuming carpeting, wiping down surfaces, and sanitizing the bathroom. Depending on the company you hire, this list may be more comprehensive or less extensive, but most companies will allow their clients to customize the package to fit their specific needs.

While bedroom sizes vary depending on tastes and local traditions, most bedrooms have a door for privacy (some even with a locking mechanism) and windows for ventilation. To be considered a habitable space, bedrooms must have a minimum of 70 square feet of floor area and 7 feet of room in any direction. They also need to have a means of egress (other than through another bedroom). The building code regulates egress requirements in most jurisdictions.


The hallways are a significant part of the house, as they are what guests see when entering. They lead to the living room, dining area, washroom, and bedrooms. Depending on the house, some may even have shelves or cabinets that can be used to store shoes and coats. The hallways will be cleaned to ensure no dust on handrails, baseboards, mirrors, and woodwork. They will also be vacuumed and washed if necessary.

Some homeowners use the hallways to showcase their family’s personality by adding knick-knacks and picture frames on the wall. These decorations can look nice and add character to the house.



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