The Benefits of Working With a Local Solar Contractor

Unlike larger national solar companies, local installers often have their own sales associates, installation teams, and customer service reps. It allows the company to focus on ensuring your solar system works correctly and efficiently from start to finish.

Local crews are full-time and report to the company’s owner, which is an extra layer of accountability that a national team cannot offer.

They Care About Your Satisfaction

Local solar companies rely on word-of-mouth and good reviews from happy clients to bring in new business. They are susceptible to any online complaints and will work to address them quickly. A bad review can have a long-lasting impact on their reputation.

Local solar contractors also employ a dedicated local installation crew that is full-time and reports directly to the company owner, something national installers cannot offer. It creates a much higher level of accountability and drives the local team.

Unlike some national installers who use cheaper products to lower their in-house costs and maximize profits, local installers care about their customers’ satisfaction and prioritize quality over quantity. This results in reduced long-term maintenance requirements and repair expenses and an increased life expectancy for your solar system.

They Have Established Relationships With Suppliers

National solar companies may have an impressive marketing network, but they need a lot of local expertise regarding building codes and interconnection requirements. Local solar contractors near me are familiar with these factors and can quickly set you up with a system.

Unlike national companies, a local solar company will have in-house installation and customer service associates. It means that they can address any issues with your system promptly and efficiently.

A local solar company will know your weather conditions and tax benefits better. They’re more likely to understand local laws, saving time and money. Plus, they’ll have an easier time working with your HOA and permits pulled for you. This information is crucial to ensure your system is running at peak performance.

They Understand Local Climate Conditions

A local solar installation company will have a dedicated in-house installation team, customer service associates, and solar repair engineers. It is a huge benefit when compared to national installers who may outsource their work to third parties.

It can lead to delays in installation and increase your overall costs if the work could be better. Furthermore, a local solar installation company will be able to address any issues quickly because they’re familiar with your climate conditions and any specific requirements in your area.

Many states require a solar contractor to be licensed and NABCEP certified to install systems. Check online license databases to see if a potential solar installer qualifies for your project. Look for reported violations. Consider other solar companies.

They Are Well-versed in Local Regulations

One of the most essential factors in a successful solar project is adhering to local regulations. A local solar contractor will understand these rules and regulations intimately. It includes working with the Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJ) and submitting interconnection applications to your utility company.

They will know your city’s building codes and the specific requirements for your home. They will also be able to assist you with any issues that may arise during the installation process, such as a rejected permit application or the discovery of a problem that requires a reroof or electrical upgrade.

Local solar installers are highly sensitive to online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, which incentivize them to deliver excellent service. In contrast, large national companies are more driven by meeting sales quotas and are less focused on customer satisfaction.



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