What to Look for When Buying CBD Cream Online in Canada

The online world is a popular place to buy CBD cream. Canadians do it all the time, but is it as straightforward as buying from your local shop?

CBD cream emerges as a popular option when looking for a solution that is applied through the skin. Since our skin excellently absorbs the compound, we decided to tell you what to look for when buying CBD cream online in Canada.

With all that said, let’s jump straight into in.

Make Sure the Product Is 3rd Party Lab Tested

This is the golden rule regardless if you’re buying online or locally. But it’s more important when shopping from a website than a physical store because it is a good way of knowing if we’re buying a quality product.

Thus, the first thing to do whenever landing on a CBD seller’s website is to enquire about their products. Particularly in our case, you’ll need to make sure that the CBD cream is 3rd party lab tested.

If the product indeed has been lab-tested, then you will have no trouble finding it out on the website. If you cannot do that, however, then there are other ways of finding if the product is safe.

Make Sure the Cream Contains No More Than 0.3% THC

While many Canadians love to combine THC and CBD, many others don’t. In the particular case of CBD creams, the common theme is for the products to contain no more than 0.3% THC. While THC is legal in Canada, CBD cream cannot be marketed as such if the THC content exceeds 0.3%.

Whenever shopping for CBD cream online in Canada, make sure that the cream contains no more than 0.3% of THC. This makes sure that you won’t experience any psychoactive effects since the THC content is nowhere near potent enough.

Like we said at the beginning, THC is legal in Canada and you can also buy creams with a higher concentration of THC if that’s the sort of cream you’re looking for.

Check the Label

The next thing to look for is the label of the product and the ingredients used. This one is particularly important as it can be quite difficult to spot the label when shopping online.

An online seller doesn’t have to provide a clear image of the label, but if they do then that’s a very positive sign that you’re buying from a good seller.

The label of a particular product holds plenty of useful information about the ingredients. Even if you have no idea what these ingredients are or do, a quick Google search can reveal plenty of information.

Maybe the product contains melatonin. Googling melatonin will tell you that it helps you sleep better. You can do this for all the ingredients to make sure you’re buying a quality CBD cream product.

Find Out Where the Hemp Was Sourced From

Much like the previous sections, this one is also very important when shopping for CBD cream online.

Since CBD is derived from hemp, the quality of the hemp should matter. That’s because the type of hemp grown directly impacts the quality of the cream.

There are plenty of hemp suppliers throughout Canada. Every online CBD seller in Canada should provide the information from where they source the hemp. Top quality hemp isn’t hard to come by in Canada, but it does cost more. Naturally, you should expect higher prices for CBD cream products that are derived from quality and well-cultivated hemp.

And while on the subject of cultivation, certain practices are better compared to others. For example, maintaining a proper PH-balanced soil will grow better hemp. You can find out all sorts of useful information if the online seller provides where they obtain the hemp. You can then get in touch with the farm and extract even more information about their cultivation practices.

What Type of CBD is Used for the Cream?

CBD can come in three types. Those are Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and CBD isolate.

These are all terms that might not mean anything to you, but they are important to distinguish. So let’s do that.

  • Full Spectrum 

Full Spectrum simply means that the product contains all the compounds of the hemp, including THC. This means that the cream will contain the minimum amount of THC, 0.3%.

  • Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is very similar to Full Spectrum, with the only difference being that the cream will not contain THC. This appeals to many Canadians who are looking for CBD cream without any THC.

  • Isolate

Isolate is the purest form of CBD. It contains no THC and no other compound, just pure CBD. Creams made with CBD isolate are 99.9% pure CBD extract.

There is a lot of debate regarding which type of CBD is best for cream products. The jury is still out on this one as each type of CBD appeals differently to buyers. Some prefer Full Spectrum CBD while others Broad Spectrum and an entirely different group of people prefer CBD Isolate.

What is the Extraction Method?

And the last thing we’ll talk about is the extraction method. You’ve probably come to the conclusion that there are plenty of things to look out for when buying CBD cream online in Canada.

And although that is true, it is still necessary to go through to make sure you’re buying a quality product.

And that’s why the extraction method is very important. The extraction method greatly impacts the quality and purity of the CBD. There are a couple of extraction methods, but many consider the CO2 method as the industry-standard.

This extraction method delivers the safest and purest CBD that later turns into CBD cream. Whenever shopping for CBD cream online in Canada, always make sure that the extraction method of the particular product is CO2.



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