Where Is The Most Popular Spot In The World To Take A Selfie?

Taking a selfie is a must-thing to do for some people because they think a vacation isn’t complete without at least one selfie. But where in the world is the most popular spot to take a selfie? With how good phone cameras nowadays and other available accessories, taking selfies is just so easy and convenient.

To take a great selfie, you need a selfie stick, beautiful scenery, and the know-how to take a selfie with the best angle possible. It might sound easy, but it certainly is not as easy as it sounds.

If you’re one of those people who love taking selfies, you must be looking for some of the best spots to take a selfie. So in this article, I will tell you the top five spots where you can take the best selfies and share them with everyone.

1. the Czech Republic

First up on the list is the beautiful Czech Republic. Why here? There are two cities where you should go: Prague and Cesky Krumlov.

Prague is like in the center of Europe and is considered as one of the best cities in the world to visit. Prague is dreamy and magical and is absolutely a perfect city to take selfies in. In Prague, you’ll see many ancient buildings, iconic places such as the Charles Bridge and the Dancing House, and many other spots for a selfie.

I am pretty sure once you’re in Prague, you’ll know why the city is perfect for selfies. The other city you should go to is Cesky Krumlov. The city is romantic and perfect for selfies. Being in the city will make you feel emotional and enthusiastic about someone you love. Taking a selfie with your partner will be more special in Cesky Krumlov.

2. Germany

The historic country of Germany is just inviting everyone to visit and take selfies. Especially in Berlin, one of the most popular spots in the world to take a selfie.

In Berlin, you’ll find many relics about history, from the Berlin Wall to Wansee Lake and Alexanderplatz. You should take your time and explore the city, this way you’ll find dozens of great places to take a selfie. The historic values of Berlin will enhance your selfies and make them feel more special.

3. Portugal

In Portugal, there is a city called Sintra – the home of a dream. Sintra is a very popular place in Portugal with millions of tourists are visiting every year. Believe me, when I say this, the whole city feels like a fairy tale.

The buildings, the sceneries, the people, and everything else about the city is magical. I am pretty sure everyone who has visited the city has fallen in love with it. In Sintra, you can take hundreds of selfies and all of them will be perfect.

4. Hungary

This quiet and reserved country has two places where you should go: Budapest and Balaton Lake. Budapest needs no introduction, and I really recommend everyone to visit the Parliament Building, especially during the winter and at night. Many other ancient buildings are also great and will enhance your selfies.

Balaton Lake is the largest lake in Central Europe and the view there is amazing. And that’s not all, the lake has a skinny shape that means it has many beaches for you to enjoy. Just walking along the lake will give you many chances to take a selfie.

5. England

Speaking of the best places to take a selfie, I can’t leave out England. Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower Tours are the two best places in the country where you can take the most amazing selfies. Big Ben or the Elizabeth Tower is also undergoing renovation, which will make it look more glorious than before.

If you’re participating in the Elizabeth Tower Tours, you’ll get as many chances to take selfies as you want. There will be endless opportunities to take unique and cool selfies. And Big Ben is also set to complete in 2022, so if you’re planning to visit England, 2022 might be the best time to do it.

Go take your best selfie at popular spots worldwide

These places are very popular around the world and recommended for anyone who wants to take the best selfie. The ancient buildings, vast history, iconic places, and everything else will enhance your selfie and make you feel calm. Don’t forget to bring your equipment with you and take as many selfies as you want.



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