Tips on How to Win Over the Parents of Your Future Bride

In this day and age, you are not necessarily expected to ask for parental consent in order to marry someone. Yet doing so can be both a respectful nod to tradition and make for a happy home. It’s also a great way to ingratiate yourself to the parents of your future wife.

But be warned, you still might not get the response you hoped for. Having asked the question though, you might feel you can’t proceed with the marriage until you have the parents’ approval, and you may have to work harder than you bargained for to earn it. Here are some tips to help you win over difficult parents.

Have a sincere conversation

If you already intend to ask her hand in marriage, you need to inform her parents first. Let them know that you have a clear intention. Not all parents expect their daughters to marry someone who has all the qualities they want. However, they’ll certainly want someone who will care for her and ensure her safety. If you can prove to them that it’s what you’ll do, they’re bound to probably agree to your request.

Establish a relationship

You don’t win the approval overnight – you’ll have to work hard to get it. Instead of always going out with your girlfriend, you can spend more time at her place. You have to show to her parents that family is important to you. In the process, you’re not only winning her heart but everyone in the family. It might be awkward at first. Your actions seem controllers. Eventually, it gets better. You will feel more comfortable, and you can even joke around them.

Prove your financial stability

Sure, some parents dream that their daughters will marry a wealthy person to secure her future. No parent wants the daughter to suffer in terms of finances during the marriage. It could lead to other issues too.

However, parents also want their daughter to get married to someone of financial stability. If not, he needs to have a job and a plan to grow the family. You have to show that you’re already a stable person in terms of your job, and you work hard to earn well.

Always be respectful

It would help if you showed to these people that you respect them. You also have to show how much you love their daughter. If you respect and love her, it’s also a way of demonstrating to them your respect. If you get into an argument, you need to stay calm. Always take the high road. You might also have a fight with your girlfriend. Don’t show it to them. Fix the problem without raising your voice or physically abusing her.

It takes time to win these people over. If you do, it’s a huge relief. You can then start planning your wedding, starting with the quest for Asian wedding venues. You can also ask them for their suggestions since they will appreciate it. Your decision will still prevail, but it’ll feel right for them to have a voice.



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