First American Home Warranty Reviews – Understanding Why You Need Home Warranty

Last year following the wildfires in California, I decided that it was time for me to get some home warranty. I began to compare a number of companies, checking out reviews and plans, rating customer service, you know how it goes. Whilst searching I stumbled across the First American Home Warranty reviews which were absolutely great, hence the reason I decided to use their service. Something which was a common theme throughout these reviews were the number of people who, like me, didn’t think they needed this, until that moment when they actually did! 

It is for this reason that I wanted to talk today about the importance of home warranty for buyers of their own property, and why you shouldn’t wait until something goes wrong before you get involved. 

Natural Disasters

There are many people throughout the US who have a home which could easily be at risk of a natural disaster, on the east coast it is hurricanes, on the west it is wildfires and earthquakes. If you are in a zone which is susceptible to a natural disaster then you absolutely need to make sure that you have good deal on your home warranty. Unlike insurance this will protect your systems in the home such as heating, plumbing and electrics, which could easily take a hit after a natural disaster. 

Saving Money 

My excuse for not getting home warranty sooner was that I didn’t want to spend the money, I now realize that this was a foolish way of thinking. In actual fact you can save money by having a home warranty because the moment that something goes wrong, the cost of repairs will far exceed the cost of what you will pay for your warranty. My home warranty costs me $500 per year, imagine my HVAC system breaks down or my plumbing needs work, you can bet your bottom dollar that the cost of doing so will be much greater than just $500. 

Speed and Quality 

I’m sure you have been there before where something goes wrong and you need one of the experts to come out an fix it for you. There is first the time which you will spend on finding the best person for the job, then you’ll have to wait for them to be free so that they can fix your issue, then there is the cost which they’ll charge for a call out, all far from ideal. With a home warranty company however this isn’t the case as they have their own in-house technicians on hand who will come out at speed to fix your issues. Not only this but they will also ensure that they send the best person for the job, in order to repair any problems which you have to a high standard. 

Simply put this is a cost effective and risk-averse way of protecting your home, don’t let an issue happen before you realize that. 



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