Where to Have a San Jose Botox

You may have heard from friends about how amazing their Botox results have been, and you have seen it for yourselves, they look a lot younger.  Also you may have read about how some celebrities use Botox to look younger as well.  So where can you go for a San Jose Botox and what can you expect from your visit for your Botox treatment?

Where to Have a San Jose Botox

To find a provider of Botox in San Jose look for one who has experience of providing Botox for many years, and where the clinic is clean and professional looking.  Some time you may find a nail salon that does Botox injections in the back, or a small back street beauticians where Botox is on the treatment lists.  You can guarantee that they don’t have the experience they should have to be performing Botox treatments and that they may not know exactly what they are doing.

What is Botox?

What doe you need to know about Botox?  Well its an FDA approved treatment which is non-surgical and is applied by injection into facial tissues.  By having Botox applied carefully in right measure to the right places on the face, it can reduce brow and frown lines, crows feet, and other facial lines and creases.  When these signs of ageing are gone your face will look younger and refreshed.

Facial lines and creases are the results of muscle contractions, and what Botox does is to temporarily paralyze these muscles so that the lines fade as the muscles relax.  When Botox is applied by a professional you will still have facial expressions, your whole face won’t be paralyzed.  The effects of the Botox injections should last three to four months with you seeing a slow return of the creases and lines at the end of this period.

What to Expect at Your Botox Appointment?

Before having your Botox injections you will talk to the Botox expert and fill out consent forms.  Although the treatment takes perhaps ten to fifteen minutes your appointment may be for longer so you can fill out this paperwork.  You may also opt for local anesthesia on your face which will numb the areas where you will receive the injections, so this will take fifteen minutes to take effect as well.

During the procedure the injectionist will have you move your face to show certain expressions so they can determine where the lines are where to inject to counteract these.  Then they will proceed with injecting the Botox in small diluted amounts into these areas.

There is no recovery time with Botox, you can then continue with your day.  And you will find that at first the results aren’t apparent but will start to show over the coming days.  You can apply make up again straight after the injections and also use your regular skin care regime.

You facial expressions should continue to look natural following your Botox treatment and after three to four months when it wears off you’ll be ready to have it reapplied.



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