Robert Testagrossa – Reasons For Patience in Crypto

Whilst the crypto space can make people a lot of money, there are no guarantees at all, and there is nothing you can do here to get rich quick. With this being said however there have been a large number of first time investors looking at getting started in crypto, having seen the sharp rises in price of late. This has been welcomed by big crypto investors and analysts such as Robert Testagrossa, who know that the more investment we see, the more stable the market becomes. If you have invested however, patience is very much the key here, and this is why.

FOMO and Panic Buying

We see many people who are obsessed with checking out their portfolio and this often leads to snap decisions when it comes to buying and selling. The most common behavior we see here is the investors buying more crypto when the price begins to rise, scared of missing out on some big gains. Alternatively, we see these big price corrections and many also sell as the price is going down. It is not easy but the utopia with investing is that you buy as the price is going down and you sell as the price is on the way up, not the other way around.

Long Term Plans

If you are using crypto in the short term to try and make a small gain for a new car or something like that then you only need to be patient until you have hit your goal. If however you are looking to invest for the bigger bucks, a long term plan looks to be the best way of doing it. Almost all of the top industry analysts suggest that Bitcoin is very much the coin of the future and that what we are seeing now is far from the prices which we may see in the future. This is not guaranteed at all however and this is why you should always make sure that you are taking profits, even if you are making money and want to keep it in there. Taking profits means that you are making money whilst being patient, which is the perfect scenario.

Not Traders

Even the very best minds in the crypto space have little idea whether the prices are going to go up or down, and they certainly cannot predict by how much. This is why you should recognize that trading is a dangerous game, and one which could end up losing you money in the long term. Invest the money in the coins which you believe in and then simply ride it out until you have hit a price which you have been looking for.

Simply put, if you have too much of a rush in crypto or if you are not showing those patience levels which you need, then you can easily make mistakes and take steps which will not help you in terms of the big picture of your investments.



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