Menos Hiras – How You Can Make Money Online

When we left college 5 years ago our group of four friends all had different plans, 3 of us were just about to start in our careers and one of the group Menos Hiras, surprised us all by saying that he was going to try and make money online. These days this isn’t so uncommon but 5 years ago the thought that anyone could really make a living online was completely bizarre. In spite of this Menos was absolutely serious and throughout the past 5 years he has done just about everything when it comes to making money online, and currently he has a very successful online business. If you are looking to make some money online too, here are the ways in which Menos did it.


Blogging is not a way to make quick cash online but if you are smart and dedicated then eventually you can turn this into a real money spinner. The keys to making money through blogging is to build a blog which people want to read, grow your audience and provide them with high quality content. Once you have built up signifiant traffic on your blog you can start to monetize the site in a number of ways. You could sell advertising space or sell products on your blog in order to make a good income. Menos has worked hard on his blog and he currently makes great money each month from it.

Online Surveys

Menos started his online income through filling out online surveys for a small wage. These surveys are set out by businesses and some government agencies who want to find out more about the people who they are selling to. The surveys are normally managed by a third party company and you will be paid a small amount for each survey which you complete. The pay for each survey isn’t much but if you commit yourself to it like Menos did then these small amounts will soon add up.

Content Writing

Menos’ first big break in terms of earning online came from a client who wanted lots of content written for their own website. Back then Menos earned $7 per 500 word article but these days you can earn a lot more than that. It is much easier to be a content writer now than it was back then, because there are sites which are dedicated to putting freelancers in touch with clients, something which there wasn’t 5 years ago. Content writing will see you cover a huge range of topics and you must be able to stick to deadlines, write well and research your topics. Menos made enough money from content writing to invest in his very own online business, which shows you just how profitable it can be. Head to a freelance site and apply for as many writing jobs as you can, deliver the goods and you could make a good income from writing online content.

Menos did things the hard way but things have changed a lot now so that you don’t have to.



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