Residential Security: Why Building Management Companies Need It

Home invasions happen every 30 seconds. But, only 17% of residents have residential security systems. If you own a home, buying a security system helps to deter burglars. 

But, what is the fate of apartment buildings and condominiums in the event of a burglary? There are not enough safety and security measures for renters. Building management companies need to step up security efforts for their residents. 

Renters are experiencing home invasions and auto thefts at an alarming rate. Property management companies should consider their reputation. Residents will move out if they feel unsafe, and vacancies lead to other safety concerns. 

Buildings with high vacancies become a playground for deviant activity. Building management companies risk losing their credibility if their properties are unsafe. Learn why building management companies need to invest in residential security services.

Safety Concerns 

Buildings with a large residential population struggle to keep strangers off the premises. Non-residents can sneak in with the rest of residents and no one would know. This increases the chances of theft and vandalism. 

Car theft is also a major concern for buildings with parking lots and garages. The cars are parked out of plain sight. So, residents will not know that their car was broken into until hours later.

Violent crimes are another concern in apartment buildings. This is a major concern for residents who live alone. A lot of senior citizens are living alone, not only young adults.

Senior citizens are easy targets for robbers. But they are often not a part of the residential safety discussion. Single people and senior citizens are at risk of being victims of theft and violent crimes.

Single residents and senior citizens need more residential protection. Having safety measures and security professionals on site help residents feel safe.

Types of Security Measures

Building management companies should consider hiring residential security services. Residential buildings need to be guarded 24 hours a day. Succor Global security services provides night-shift security professionals to guard residential properties.

Security professionals are a great way to ensure the safety of residents. But investing in residential security systems fortify the efforts of security guards. Security cameras are an extra set of eyes for guards and evidence in case of a robbery or assault.

Apartment building entry codes are another helpful security feature. Each resident needs an unique code for the building and access keycard for the parking. This makes it difficult for vandals to access the premises.  

Residential Security 

This article discussed residential safety concerns and the best ways to address them. Building management companies need to protect their property investment by protecting their residents. Property managers build a good reputation when they focus on protecting their residents. 

There are different types of security measures that will help keep renters safe. Residential security helps keep vacancies low. Discover other ways property management companies can ensure the safety of their residents. 



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