How to Choose the Right Cannabis Packaging for Your Product

About 72% of consumers suggested that the packaging of a product affects their buying decisions. This means that your packaging can make or break your brand.

But choosing a packaging that stands out and preserves your products is a little bit of a hassle – especially in the expansive cannabis industry. You may have the best cannabis product, but with the wrong THC or CBD packaging, you may struggle to make sales.

Read on to learn how to choose the right cannabis packaging for your product.

Attract Your Target Market

You should understand your target market and know exactly what they want. Think of when they’ll buy the product, who they’ll show it to, and what excites them about it.

For instance, if you’re looking to attract luxury clients, invest in high-end packaging that functions faultlessly. Ensure you deliver as promised. For a young and energetic clientele, go for a trendy yet unique type of packaging. They will be more drawn to a more personalized design.

Informative Packaging

Ensure your packaging has a balance of both great design and valuable information; take a look the products being sold by origins if you want to learn how packaging can be informative and helpful for the consumers. For recreational cannabis products, you should include the THC and CBD levels. You may also include other important information such as the processing methods.

Cannabis intended for medical purposes should have more health-conscious information in the packaging. It should include information such as the dosage, instructions for safe use, manufacture and expiry date, as well as also the batch date. For example, if you’re selling vapes, make sure you visit this site to know what kind of information your customers need to know.

Don’t forget to add your company’s contact information.

Product Protection

Just like many consumables, cannabis can easily go bad when exposed to the elements. When choosing cannabis packaging materials, consider the functionality and appearance. You may have the best packaging and marketing designs, but they won’t be of value if the product isn’t protected.

Here are some ways you can protect your product with packaging:

  • Child Safety: Child resistant packaging reduces the risk of children accessing and ingesting the cannabis
  • Resealable Packaging: For reusable cannabis products, a smell-proof resealable packaging will come in handy
  • Tamper-Evident Seal: This helps reveal if the opening of the container has been interfered with
  • Sturdy materials: Choose a packaging that is well-made, strong, and waterproof to ensure the freshness of the product

Cannabis Packaging Design Trends

Some packaging will stand the test of time while others burn fast and bright and then disappear. Some of the cannabis packaging trends that have been successful include those with a focus on health, leafy imagery, and environmental friendliness. Some packaging designs, like a pre roll cone for example, favor ease of use so even beginners can use them with no problem.

In some states, a minimalist packaging design is mandatory. So, ensure you understand the state laws regarding cannabis before you choose your packaging.

Get Custom Cannabis Packaging to Stand Out

You wouldn’t want to destroy your hard work with poor packaging. Whether you’re selling dabs, flowers, CBD, or edibles, research and ensure you have the right packaging for them. All in all, make sure your cannabis packaging speaks volumes about the personality of your brand.

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