Best Crypto Networks for the 2024 Bull Run

As you look ahead to the next crypto bull run expected in 2024, you want to make sure you’re investing in the right networks. The blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies you choose could make a big difference in the returns you see when the market heats up again.

Based on current developments and growth trajectories, here are three top crypto networks you should consider having in your portfolio before 2024 arrives.

Check Out Solana for Speed

As you research crypto projects, you quickly discover Solana, a unique blockchain network that emphasizes speed and scalability. While you used to think of blockchains as slow and congested, Solana breaks the mold by processing up to 50,000 transactions per second. This makes it one of the fastest networks around.

So why does speed matter? Faster networks can handle more volume without delays or spiraling fees. This makes them better suited for global adoption across many use cases, from DeFi to NFTs. With developers rapidly building on Solana, its ecosystem could expand greatly in the next bull run. The Solana token (SOL) has already seen massive gains, so more upside potential exists.

Don’t Overlook Coinbase Base

While hot newer cryptos get all the hype, you should remember the advantages of more established networks like Bitcoin. And when you think of Bitcoin, you probably think of Coinbase, the largest U.S. crypto exchange where most investors buy and trade Bitcoin.

Recently, Coinbase announced they will launch their own layer-2 blockchain called Base. This will allow users to build Dapps and tap smart contract capability, bringing Ethereum-like functionality to the secure Bitcoin network. As a dominant consumer brand, any moves by Coinbase often capture attention. If Base takes off over the next year, combined with a Bitcoin price surge in the 2024 bull run, gains could follow.

Remember Bitcoin as the Market Leader

And even if shiny new L1s and altcoins capture your imagination for a while, return to the OG before 2024. Reports of Bitcoin’s death always prove greatly exaggerated. As the first cryptocurrency and most valuable blockchain network, don’t make the mistake of leaving BTC out of your portfolio.

The halving cycles and code capped supply lead many experts to believe Bitcoin will rally hugely in the next bull run – with price predictions of $100k or more per BTC by late 2024. So buying Bitcoin, especially during low points like the current bear market, could generate massive profits after the next halving and the supply shock kicks the 2024 mania into overdrive.

Choose Wisely Now to Benefit Later

As you prepare your portfolio for 2024, keep these crypto networks on your research list. Past performance never guarantees future returns. But projects like Solana, Coinbase Base Layer and Bitcoin stand out for project strengths that could fuel major growth ahead.

The key is giving yourself enough time and buying early, before the hype kicks in. Identify the top crypto contenders for the next bull run now, build your positions, then wait for the gains to roll in next cycle. Properly preparing your portfolio today allows you to reap the benefits later.



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