Who To Call If There’s a Problem at an Oil Rig?

If there’s a problem at an oil rig, especially equipment failure, there’s a certain checklist that must be followed to ensure that further damage isn’t caused.

First, operations must come to a total halt. This means that all workers at the rig must stop what they’re doing, so that all the equipment can be assessed.

Once the damaged equipment has been identified, an oil rig should immediately get into contact with a wireline company to help if they don’t have experts on staff to deal with the issue.

What Does a Wireline Company Do?

Once you’ve assessed the damage at your oil rig, it’s important to get the services of experienced professionals, such as the wireline services offered by Renegade Wireline Services.

These companies can tackle a multitude of problems that may be affecting your oil rig’s operations, including locating the exact location of a damaged pipe, improving flood performance, or a lost tool down the hole. They may even find more issues than your initial assesment led you to believe through logging, reports, and their own expertise.

Locating Damaged Pipes

Locating damaged pipes is by and large the most important aspect of addressing a problem at an oil rig. As mentioned, it’s often that the team at an oil rig isn’t equipped with the tools necessary to accurately locate the exact position of a damaged pipe, and thus can’t fix the problem just yet.

A wireline service company can find the damaged pipe with precision, helping get operations up and running again much sooner than if you hadn’t called.

Permit Renewal

If the problem at your oil rig is clerical instead of equipment-related, some wireline service companies do offer permit renewal services. Though this isn’t a visible, physical problem on an oil rig, not having all the proper permits in place can be just as devastating and work-halting as a damaged pipe.

A wireline service can help with this paperwork, oftentimes much faster than your internal team, and help get things moving at your oil rig again much faster.


Utilizing the services of a professional company that specialises in wireline in Whitecourt (or closer to you) can mean the difference between your oil rig having to shut down for an unknown amount of time until all problems are resolved, and having said problems be short-lived and addressed quickly. Further, they can prevent future problems by having the fix be proper and precise in the first place.

A wireline service company should be very versatile, and offer a number of different services that all help in tackling various problems that can affect an oil rig, and you’ll find that’s the case more often than not. They realize it’s important that if someone’s oil rig is affected by a work-stopping issue, they’re likely to hire a comprehensive service company as soon as possible to avoid taking a hit to their bottom line, and/or further damage their operations.



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