Window Dressings – The Key to Enhancing Home Security

Window dressings are the finishing touches that bring a room scheme together. They can also enhance your home security by making it harder for burglars to see in and break into your property.

Energy Efficiency

Window dressings should not just make rooms look great; they also need to be energy efficient. After all, windows are responsible for up to 25 percent of a home’s heating and cooling costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Insulated window coverings can reduce this cost, which can be done in various ways. Some are made from fabric lined with insulating material, while others can be fitted with insulation panels that clip to the window frame. Window valances and curtains with thermal lining are great for keeping heat inside the house during winter and can be hung close to the frame or down to the floor. To further enhance the insulating effect of these window treatments, consider adding a cornice or pelmet to the edge. These can be painted or upholstered in the same color as your curtains to help conceal and improve their appearance.


The fabric you choose for your curtains and blinds is vital in their aesthetic and practical performance. Not only will it dictate how light enters a room, but it will also determine the color and feel of the space.

If you have windows that can be seen from the street or neighboring homes, ensure that your window dressings will provide privacy from prying eyes. This is especially important if you live in an urban setting where crime is common. Plenty of options to help keep your home private, including frosted blinds and decals, or you can opt for plain and decorative window film and curtains. Hiring reliable window dressings Boston MA is critical to achieving the desired results. You could even add a pelmet, such as the one featured by Mad About The House, to heighten your window dressings and create visual interest. A pelmet can also hide unsightly lining and fabric or be upholstered in the same shade as the curtains hung beneath for a more cohesive look.

Light Control

A thief scoping out your home will be less likely to attempt a break-in if they think getting into it will be difficult. With motorized blinds and shutters, you can program them to open and close at random intervals during the day. This will make it appear that someone is always in the home and deter any burglars who may see your home as a target. Window dressings also provide light control, allowing you to filter out UV rays and lower your energy bill without sacrificing privacy. Some homeowners opt for sheer fabrics that will enable natural light during the day, while others prefer blackout treatments to shield them from the bright sun and darkness of the night.

Cellular shades, a popular window treatment idea, offer the ultimate light control. They are available in various textile opacities ranging from sheer to fully opaque. They allow you to choose the light transmission and visibility level best suits your room.



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