What a Window Grille Fastener Is Used For

Window grilles add style and character to a home’s exterior. They may be taken off for cleaning or other purposes, and they also let more light through windows. Online shops offer various grille patterns to complement any architectural style. Some models feature removable grilles that balance the traditional look of window mullions with easy maintenance.


A grille is a secure way to protect your home and family from intruders. The sturdy bars can hold even large doors and windows, making breaking into the complex for a criminal. As a result, it’s a fantastic addition for any house seeking an increased level of protection. The grille fastener has a unique design that helps to make the entire window grille secure to the frame. It includes a central groove with lateral rails or guides adapted to receive the outboard wings of the grille clip. Each wing also has a serrated grip portion that provides a secure hold on the outer edges of the grille clip.

The grille clip has a tang configured to sit within one of the notches 58 in the window frame. The tang is provided with barbs 112 that create a slight interference fit when advanced into notch 58. This arrangement ensures that clip member 90 is securely engaged with notch 58 and cannot be pulled back out of channel 80.


Window grilles (also known as window grids) add an architectural style to your windows and enhance the look of your home. Several options are available, whether you have an older home with window grids that need to be removed or are installing new windows and want to keep the original look. One option is to use a mechanical fastener called Dual Lock. It is a low-profile fastener that attaches to the grille bar directly and to its mating partner. This fastener can be easily detached and reattached to allow for cleaning or replacement. Utilizing push pins for window grids is an additional choice. It allows for the grille to be easily removed and replaced.

Energy Efficiency

The present invention relates to a grille attachment system for releasably attaching a grille formed of crisscrossing grille components to a window or door having a frame and a glazing unit. The system comprises clips on end portions of at least some of the grille components, which move between first positions and second positions in response to the movement of the grille toward engagement with the frame. When the grille is moved into its second position, the clip detents snap past each other to releasably hold the clip arm in a gripping position over the surface of the glass stop. In this gripping position, the spring is bent into arc 25, which biases the clip arm toward its inactive position.

This arrangement provides excellent contact between the leading edges of the plungers 102 and the sash surfaces to allow smooth operation without damaging or creating excessive frictional hang-ups. In addition, the angle between the chamfer 142 and the sash surface 143 can be chosen to prevent the plungers from contacting and damaging each other during use or when the grille is removed.


A grille fastener allows window grids, screens, and other decorative elements to be easily installed and removed. They are simple to maintain and fix. One such grille fastener has a rear face adapted to be juxtaposed with the window element, and each of the lateral sides of the grille includes a pair of rails or guides. The clip members within the grille are positioned so their elongated central body portions are seated in the central groove, and their outboard wings engage the lateral rails or guides. The clip members have notches extending from their central body portions that cooperate with the notches on the grille. This design allows the clip member to snap into the notch on the grille and securely secure it. 



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