The Benefits of Thermal Insulation Blankets for Industrial Use

Industrial facilities rely on pipes and valves to operate efficiently. These channels convey fluids, steam, and other materials in a safe way to protect workers.

However, these pipes can also reach hazardous temperatures. Workers who come into contact with their surfaces could face severe injuries.

That’s why your pipes and valves can benefit from thermal insulation blankets. These materials focus on materials with a high r-value.

These blankets can improve your facility’s safety by lowering surface temperatures. This way, you can reduce the risk of injury.

If you run a factory, whether that’s somewhere like this metal heat treating in Wisconsin facility, or somewhere else where temperatures are likely to get dangerously hot, these blankets are an excellent tool to use. We’ll explore several of their benefits in the guide below.

Maximize Industrial Efficiency and Cut Energy Costs

Most industrial facilities search for ways to cut back on energy costs, especially with rising energy prices. If that describes you, don’t worry! Pipe blankets can help you cut back on these expenses.

New Paltz State University of New York determined that pipe insulation blankets can reduce energy costs. In fact, their five-year savings count as nearly $250,000.

These blankets also help companies become more energy compliant. This tool especially helps your facility if you have high steam consumption.

Regulate Temperatures with Thermal Insulation Blankets

Some experts assert that external piping can reach temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit or more. When pipes exceed these temperatures, they can cause critical injuries and burns to your workers.

Similarly, pipes that become too cold may crack as condensation builds. This issue could also cause pipes to warp and change shape.

How can you solve this problem? If you guessed industrial insulation blankets, you’re correct!

These blankets use materials made from silicone or Teflon. These materials can regulate these pipe temperatures, making them safer for your workers. We’ll talk more about this in the next section.

Improving Workplace Safety

Most people know that pipes and valves reaching extreme temperatures can damage the equipment. However, these temperatures can also threaten worker safety.

Traditional insulation can become damaged during maintenance. When this happens, your workers risk their safety by conducting additional maintenance.

Fortunately, you can use temperature regulation tools like valve insulation blankets to regulate these temperatures. This way, your workers can perform maintenance work without becoming endangered.

These blankets also reduce ambient air temperatures. If you want to find blankets like these, visit

Reducing Noise Levels

Excessive noises can disrupt your daily operations. However, it can also create danger for your employees. Lengthened exposure to loud noises can damage their hearing and result in permanent hearing loss.

But, insulation blankets for valves can reduce the noise levels. Both removable and reusable insulation blankets can protect your workers’ hearing.

Find the Thermal Insulation Blankets You Need Today!

As you can see, thermal insulation blankets provide several benefits. They improve your efficiency, safety, and energy compliance. Each of these benefits provides excellent advantages for your entire facility.

So, search the web to find the thermal blankets you need! Once you have these, you can drastically improve your facility’s performance.

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