Should You Buy Used Medical Devices? Yes! And Here’s Why

Operating a hospital requires carefully balancing your budget to ensure that expenses are kept down and that your profit line remains high while still providing your patients with high-quality care. That balancing act can be challenging and may require some tough decisions. For example, you might need to invest in inexpensive used devices to cut down on serious costs.

Medical Devices are Not Cheap

According to various sources, medical devices cost the health field about $199.1 billion every year, or about 5.2% of their total budget. That’s because you need to invest in high-quality items that fit into your facility and provide the high-quality diagnostic and treatments your patients deserve and expect. Unfortunately, that can put you at a serious financial disadvantage.

For example, you might find your facility millions of dollars in debt after installing brand-new medical devices. That means you’ll have to start making money quickly to keep paying your bills.

In the early stages of your facility (or when care options decline), this can be frustratingly slow or even potentially dangerous to your facility’s operation. Thankfully, used devices are available.

Why Buying Used Medical Devices is Smart

Though you want to provide the high-quality devices that your patients deserve, you don’t necessarily have to buy brand-new options. In fact, resale markets often provide a pretty broad range of used medical devices that you can purchase to reduce your expenses and ensure your patients get great treatment. Here are a few benefits of trying used devices instead of new ones:

  • High-Quality Care: Used medical devices aren’t junk but are often gently used items that are inspected before being sold to ensure that they operate smoothly.
  • Warranties: Many used medical device providers give warranties on all their products that can reduce expenses and ensure that you can replace them if needed.
  • Diverse Market: High-quality used medical device suppliers usually have a pretty broad range of items available for sale that you can purchase for your hospital or facility.
  • Many Manufacturers: Depending on what kind of devices you need, there should be multiple manufacturers with whom you can work that will provide a high-quality of different device types for your hospital.

Therefore, buying things like used c-arms is a smart choice because it can reduce your operational budget. Even better, most of these used items are carefully inspected to ensure that they’re of the highest quality.

You’re not just going to get a piece of junk but a great medical tool that you can use to diagnose and treat many health problems, including orthopedic issues.

Saving Yourself Real Money

If you’re looking to reduce your hospital operational budget and aren’t sure where to start, seriously consider buying used medical devices.

Devices like c-arms are often in great shape even when they’re used, which can ensure that you get the high-quality support that you need. Make sure that you check out your options to find some that work the best for you.



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