Planning an Outdoor Event? Portable Toilets Are a Must-Have

Planning an outdoor event comes with a whole host of unexpected circumstances. The weather may not cooperate, vendors could not make it, and more. It is essential to be prepared for any situation during an outdoor event, including medical emergencies. One way to do this is by ensuring that you have enough portable restrooms for your attendees.


We all have to answer the call of nature at some point, and you must provide a clean place for your guests to do so. Any outdoor event that lasts longer than a few hours should have portable toilets from throughout the venue so your guests can relieve themselves whenever they need to without leaving the party.

In addition to portable toilets, you can get add-ons like portable hand washing stations and hand sanitizer stations. These help reduce the spread of bacteria, particularly when your guests touch many food and drinks. Another great thing about portable toilets is that they have minimal environmental impact.

They don’t require extensive maintenance and can be easily picked up when the event ends, allowing the area to return to its original state. This starkly contrasts permanent restroom facilities, which can require constant upkeep or even be torn down later.


Outdoor events can be fun and engaging, but it’s essential to have a backup plan for everything that could go wrong. Weather can turn, an unexpected caterer may cancel, and more. Having as much of a backup process as possible is essential to ensure an unforgettable experience for your guests.

One of the most apparent backups is a sufficient number of Foothill Portables restrooms. Typically, one porta-potty for every 50 people is adequate. Having multiple toilets spread throughout your venue will help prevent lines and keep everyone comfortable.

Additionally, it’s helpful to have a first-aid station for any medical emergencies that may occur at your event. This can be as simple as a small first-aid kit for a wedding or a fully-equipped medical tent for a significant event.

Make sure to consider accessibility needs for your guests with disabilities as well. This can include providing designated accessible parking spaces, auxiliary aids like sign language interpreters and materials written in large print, and cooling stations for hot events.


Hosting an outdoor event offers a unique way to create an extraordinary experience in a natural setting. However, many things must be considered to ensure the event succeeds. Countless details must be addressed, from food and drinks to a venue with proper bathroom facilities and entertainment.

And while many outdoor events are fun and memorable for attendees, some can become uncomfortable or dangerous without suitable accommodations. One of the most essential accommodations you should consider for your next outdoor event is portable toilets. These self-contained restrooms (also known as porta potties or portable johns) are commonly used at construction sites and other work environments where indoor plumbing isn’t available.

But they’re also a staple at sports events, music festivals, and other outdoor gatherings. There are even luxury and executive models for more upscale events. Portable toilets are an essential safety measure that can help prevent accidents and keep your guests safe.


Portable restrooms provide guests a safe and convenient way to relieve themselves without disturbing the local ecosystem. This makes them a sustainable choice when hosting outdoor events. Porta potties are also more affordable than building permanent bathrooms.

They are often less than half the cost of a regular toilet. Plus, they are fully stocked with soap and toilet paper, so you won’t have to worry about buying or hauling supplies. Multiple types of portable toilets are available, ranging from basic potties to luxury models that match your event’s theme. For example, you can find flushing toilets and oversized deluxe units with sinks, mirrors, and hand towels.

As a general rule of thumb, one portable toilet should be provided for every ten attendees. Still, the number may vary depending on your event’s type, food and alcohol consumption, and duration. It is also recommended to include women’s and accessible restroom options at your event.



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