How Solar Energy Can Help Small Companies

In 2022, solar energy will power around 50% of new U.S electric generating capacity, which means businesses should jump on the bandwagon now. 

Using solar to power your company has many benefits, from reducing energy costs to minimizing your carbon footprint. But there are lesser-known reasons why small businesses should convert to solar. Maybe that’s what brought you here, you’re unsure whether installing solar panels is worth your company’s time and money.  

Sounds familiar? No worries, we’ve got you! Here’s how small companies can benefit from solar energy. 

Energy Cost Savings

A major reason to invest in solar is the huge energy cost savings. Commercial owners can slash prices by 75% simply by going solar, which is incentive enough. This means you can run power large office spaces without worrying about paying a fortune for your monthly utility bills.    

Benefit from Tax Incentives 

When a small business goes solar, it can take advantage of tax incentives. For instance, those using solar energy receive a federal tax credit that is equal to around 30% of the cost of your new system. Plus, you can sell surplus electricity you’ve generated back to the government for extra cash. 

Free Electricity in the Long-Term 

Once your business installs solar panels, you benefit from a free energy supply for around 35 years. Because of this, you needn’t worry about fluctuating electricity prices or issues with gas suppliers. And many solar panel manufacturers provide a 25-year performance guarantee for peace of mind. 

Maintenance-Free Energy 

After the solar panel installation, you needn’t worry about maintaining the system. This is because there aren’t any moving parts, which are susceptible to wear and tear. Instead, they are fixed and installed on the rack so there’s nothing to worry about.  

Supports a Green Business Approach

Although you may not have considered this, installing solar panels shows you’re an eco-conscious company. This helps you attract younger consumers, which is useful if your target market is Millennials or gen Z. a bonus is you will likely inspire others in your industry to go green. 

Easy Installation 

Another reason your business should go solar is it’s a simple installation process. Instead of dealing with it alone, the solar energy provider will do the heavy lifting and install your new system. You can also choose where you want the panels. For instance, install them on top of your office building roof or by the side, perfect if you’ve got space. 

Further, we often forget that every state can benefit from solar panels, not just warmer climates like California or Arizona. Note, that your business will still receive energy on cloudier days, which means you get free electricity all year round.  

How Solar Can Help Small Companies

Small companies benefit from solar energy as you slash utility costs. Going green also makes you attractive and gives you free electricity in return. What’s not to love about it?  

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