Everything You Need to Know About AOAC International

For anyone without an investment or interest in the sciences, AOAC International might be unfamiliar. That’s a pity, considering their history. Their founder and his continued works have made huge leaps forward for food and drug safety.

The founder of AOAC International is the man responsible for the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act. This was a piece of regulation that changed the landscape for preventing toxic or mislabeled food and drugs.

We’re going to do a quick synopsis of everything you need to know about AOAC International, from the rich history to the current day. Keep reading to learn more. 

The History of AOAC International

This science organization found its original foundation back in 1884, by Harvey Washington Wiley. Wiley’s area of expertise was chemistry, a subject that he had been a devotee of long before the AOAC’s founding.

Wiley campaigned against the usage of dangerous chemicals in foods from 1902 onwards. His initial band of test subjects earned a specific moniker, “The Poison Squad.”

It was with enormous difficulty that Wiley finally managed to get his 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act to pass. It took the involvement of many progressive food manufacturers and female activists, though.

Wiley had been a part of the AOAC this whole time, which focused on establishing standards for the analysis of fertilizers. At this time, the acronym stood for the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists.

This name would change throughout the 1900s, becoming AOAC International in 1991. The final name change represented the fact that entry opened to agents both outside of the government and abroad.

The Current Mission

The institute currently has a focus on ensuring the safety of products that have an impact on health worldwide, including foods. They attempt to ensure this safety by developing bulletproof testing methods.

If you take a look at some of the programs offered by the institute, you can see how the AOAC OMA came to be.

The OMA is the Official Methods of Analysis, a catalog of reliable testing methods accepted on a global scale. AOAC methods cover everything from chemistry, to microbiology, to molecular biology.

Knowing that the testing methods have been subject to every possible examination makes them legally defensible. As an international organization, that goal is a worldwide one.

As a testament to this AOAC International has begun cooperating with ILSI North America. ILSI is another leader in life sciences research.

This adjoining of the two organization’s assets brings together scientists from all across the U.S and Canada. The fusion promises that both of these science organizations will enjoy improved research.

The Importance of Science

The work of AOAC International and its founder have been instrumental in purifying food and drug products. Their continued charitable efforts and reaching out to organizations promise great things.

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