AMFund – What Positive Effects Can Volunteering Have?

If you have been thinking about volunteering but haven’t yet got started then it may be that you simply need a little push in the right direction. I had wanted to do something for years but never really got off my butt and did it, I met a friend who was working for the charity AMFund and after speaking with her about I decided to finally do something. I began volunteering for a local charity store, and this gave me the opportunity to help out in more events within the community. It may have taken me a little while to get there but now that I have started to volunteer I can see just how important it is for all those involved. If you need a little push in the right direction then read on to see just what positive effects volunteering can have.

Direct Help

The main benefit of volunteering is of course that you are directly helping someone, whether you are volunteering in a hospital, a church, the community or at an event, you are actively taking part in helping someone, and you are doing it for free. My work in the charity store for example enabled them to keep the store open in order to sell items, the proceeds of which would then go to helping people in need. Volunteering is about helping.

Feeling Good

I wouldn’t advise that you start volunteering solely for personal reasons, it should be a combination of a willingness to help and a desire to do something good. With this being said however there is no shame in admitting that helping others without any reward feels pretty good. Whenever I leave the store or at the end of a community event I genuinely feel great about myself, that I have given up my time to impact the lives of others in a positive.

Chain Reaction

The positivity and the personal effort which you put out there is replicated by many more when they see you in action. This has certainly been my experience and I have friends and family members who have started volunteering as a result of what I have done, and what I have told them. I haven’t forced or encouraged any of these people into giving up their time, they simply see the positive impact which can be had and then taken it upon themselves to join in. This is beautiful chain reaction which can happen when you start volunteering your time, other people see it and want to do the same.


Something which makes me very sad is the erosion of the community which has happened in this country, it is so far away from what I was used to growing up, when everyone helped each other. In doing your bit by volunteering you will also be having a positive impact on the community and bringing people together. We must fight for our community and that starts with volunteering time to help those in need.



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