A Guide to Digital Resources for Small Businesses

Here’s the good news. There is light at the end of the tunnel for small businesses looking to recover following the pandemic. That’s the prediction, anyway. But what happens next rest with you as the entrepreneur.

You’ll need to adopt the strategies that will make it happen. But you’re probably wondering what strategies are right for your business? Well, that’s where digital resources come in.

Good digital resources can be your fountain of knowledge in helping you navigate this next stage of your business. Here’s our guide to the best digital resources for your business.

Technical and Website Digital Resources

You’ll want to set up a website if you haven’t done so already. Even if you have a website, there’s a lot you can do to enhance it to boost business sales. Here is a list of helpful technical and web-related business resources:

  • Couresra.org, which offers a range of online training
  • Moz and Google both offer lots of SEO support
  • Shopify is a practical digital resource guide for eCommerce
  • WordPress has plenty of articles for your WordPress-powered website

Don’t get held up by a complex technical problem if you lack IT knowledge. You always have the option of getting outside help, such as freelancers and agencies.

Financial and Legal Guides

The financial and legal details for your businesses are fundamental. But they’re also tricky to understand if you don’t have a legal or accounting background. Hire a contract attorney in Denver, Colorado, or anywhere your business is located, to make sure you don’t have any problems with the law. Getting into a legal bind can be a messy affair for your business, which is the last thing you need when you’re just starting out. Here are some helpful resources to get you started:

  • SBA.gov is the government-run website and has plenty of resources to set up your business
  • Docracy.com provides helpful legal guides
  • The US Chamber of Commerce, headed by Suzanne Clark
  • Entrepreneur.com and forbes.com both have in-depth articles and guides on current issues relevant to small businesses

More complex financial and legal issues might need professional advice and business resources. If in doubt, speak to a business advisor for support.

Marketing Guides and Resources

You need resources to help you get more leads and more sales. There are millions of marketing articles on the internet, but what are the best go-to small business tools and resources? Here’s our list of recommendations:

  • Hire a reputable business coach to fast-track your small business success
  • There are hundreds of marketing courses over at Udemy.com
  • Google has its own Ad Academy if you intend to run paid ads
  • Facebook Business is also a worthy place to start researching PPC advertising
  • If you plan on selling via Amazon, then you should know they have many resources to help you get setup

Don’t forget that good marketing costs money. So when going through these resources, make sure you prioritize the strategies instead of trying to spread your budget across everything.

Keep Learning to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Don’t ignore the power of digital resources to help your business.

They’ll ensure your business is up to speed on all the mandatory tasks. More importantly, they’ll offer the most current strategies to help you grow your business.

You can also get more startup resources by heading to our business and finance section for our latest guides.



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