5 Reasons Why Landscape Lighting Design is a Smart Investment

Landscape lighting can transform a home into a bold showcase, illuminating water features, architectural details, gathering spaces and more. It also serves a very practical purpose, increasing safety after dark by deterring criminal activity and making it easier to see rocks, tripping hazards, loose hoses, etc. But improper implementation can create problems such as over-illumination and light trespass when lights spill onto neighboring properties or into homes. Learn the basics of landscape lighting to avoid these common mistakes.

Adds Value to Your Home

If you’re considering selling your home, it’s important to consider how landscape lighting could impact the value of your property. Illuminating outdoor features like a water feature or a garden create a more functional space, and a well-lit entryway makes it easier for guests to navigate the front yard. Lights that highlight a tree, structure or architectural detail of your home also add a visual appeal and set the space apart from similar homes on the block.

Additionally, lights illuminating the front of your house can make it harder for burglars to hide and approach your property unnoticed. This is a great benefit for homeowners worried about their children’s or pets’ safety playing in the dark. When the time comes that you will sell your home, choosing a landscape lighting design St Louis MO that complements your home’s design will increase its value.

Increases Home Value

Your home’s outside is much improved by landscape lighting, which can also raise its value. Additionally, it might make your house cozier and safer at night.  Unlike some improvements that add direct value to your home, such as adding another bathroom or renovating the kitchen, outdoor landscape lighting is more of a perceived value. Landscape lighting adds value to your home by illuminating walkways and architectural features with a soft, natural glow. This can create a warm and welcoming feel that encourages guests to spend time in the yard or on the patio. Landscape lighting increases the value of your house by emphasizing a water feature or other focal point with mild up-lighting or cross-lighting.

This technique highlights the shapes and textures of these features and is also an ideal choice for highlighting trees, shrubs, and other plants. This type of lighting is especially attractive to buyers because it shows that the homeowners cared about their landscaping.

Increases Safety

Many homeowners consider landscape lighting a luxury, but it can be a great way to make your home safer at night. Burglary is the most common threat to property after dark, and properly-lit areas make criminals more visible and deter them from trespassing on or entering your property.

Lights can be positioned to highlight specific features of your yard or home and are often used for walkways, ponds, driveways, entrances, and more. There are a variety of lighting techniques, such as silhouette lighting (shining a light behind a feature) and shadowing, to create a distinctive look that highlights texture and shape.

Properly-placed landscape lighting can also help to keep family, friends, and guests safe from tripping hazards like steps or low-hanging branches. By illuminating these areas, people can move around your yard and enjoy it at night without worry. First responders and others who might need to visit your property after hours will find it easier to navigate if the outdoor area is well-lit.

Increases Curb Appeal

The enhancement of curb appeal is one of the key advantages of landscape lighting. It is a great method to make your yard pop out at night and makes your property appear lovely.

Properly positioned lights can highlight architectural features like dormers, pillars or rockwork. It can also accentuate your landscaping, highlighting trees and shrubs that may be overlooked during the day.

Landscape lighting is also a great way to illuminate walkways, preventing accidents and making your house more visible at night. It is a crime deterrent, making it harder for intruders to approach the property undetected and giving homeowners more confidence walking around their yards at night.



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