5 Digital Strategies to Boost Foot Traffic

Is your store not getting as many customers through the door as usual? Perhaps you’ve noticed there are times during the day when you’re not making any in-store sales? In that case, you should consider creating a digital marketing plan.

But, how can digital marketing help you increase foot traffic to your store? Before investing in this advertising method, you’ll want to know what type of results you can expect. Although trying new marketing techniques can be daunting, there are five excellent reasons to implement a digital advertising strategy as soon as possible.

Let’s dive in and learn more about using online marketing to attract customers to your store. 

1. Create a Local SEO Strategy 

One of the most effective ways to get in front of your target audience is to create a local SEO strategy. This can include using content marketing methods such as writing blog posts that contain keywords related to your location. However, it’s also vital to boost your local citations by listing your business on quality sites such as Google My Business and Yelp. 

This is a critical step for any business, and you can learn more about this marketing technique in this article.

2. Offer an In-Store Collection Service

Many consumers like to make a purchase online for convenience, but they may prefer to pick up their goods at your store to avoid having to wait one or more days for delivery. If you offer this service, customers will then come into your store and could make additional purchases while they are there.

3. Utilize Social Media

Create accounts on two or three of the most popular social media platforms and join groups related to your local area. Without being too salesy, you can provide consumers with helpful advice about your products and services, and let them know about in-store promotions you’ll be running in the coming weeks. 

4. Localize Your Ads

Localizing your ads is another of the most important digital strategies for driving more foot traffic to your store. Instead of advertising to a wider audience who may not live or work near your location, focus on the local customer base. This can be a quick way to get customers through your door.

5. Build an Email List

To increase your small business growth rate and bring in more customers, why not ask people for their email addresses? Each time someone makes a purchase, be sure to take their details and send them a quick welcome email. You can then follow up with further emails that entice them to return to your store. 

Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store Using Digital Marketing Strategies

In the modern commercial environment, it’s essential to use digital marketing to increase foot traffic to your store. Being active on social media and paying for local ads can be effective, while listing your business in online directories is vital. You should also ask customers for email addresses so you can send them fantastic offers that keep them coming back to your store.

Your shop could soon be full of happy customers!

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