What Are the Different Types of THC Concentrates That Exist Today?

The world of cannabis has certainly changed a lot over the past decade. As we enter the 2020s, cannabis-based products have suddenly experienced sweeping legalization across many states. It’s safe to say the cannabis industry is booming.

This change has many newcomers to the world of marijuana quite curious. You may count yourself among them. You might wonder, for example, what are the different types of THC concentrates that exist today?

Knowing what’s out there can help you get a better sense of what you might like to purchase online and try. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know about THC concentrate.

BHO Concentrate

One of the most enduringly popular THC concentrates has to be the BHO concentrate. After all, it was one of the first cannabis concentrates available on the market, so it picked up a number of fans very early.

BHO, sometimes called shatter in a more casual setting, is a concentrate that is made through a filtration and purifying process, with the help of butane.

If you head to your local dispensary, you’d be likely to find a number of different BHO varieties on the shelves there. Shatter is the most popular, so much so that it has become a nickname for the concentrate as a whole. However, you might also see wax, oil, budder, and badder as options worth purchasing.

There’s always the risk of butane poisoning if a concentrate was not made properly, so you’ll want to ensure you purchase this kind of concentrate from a reliable seller. That way, you know you’ll be safe when smoking cannabis.

CRD Concentrate

CRD concentrate, also known as rosin, is a product that is often celebrated for its peak purity. It’s one of the best THC concentrates out there.

This kind of concentrate is created out of a much more meticulous and careful process, where the material is pulled from the cannabis plant using nothing but heat and pressure, keeping all of the purity & flavor in. A rosin press is commonly used in this process, so if you are looking into attempting this method, it makes sense to look into purchasing one of these before you start.

Customers enjoy CRD because it tends to retain more of the natural flavonoids of the cannabis plant, thanks to the way it is put together. In short, many customers find this product more enjoyable than dab.

If you haven’t tried rosin before, it might be worth looking into a few distillate CRD samples to see the difference when it comes to this amazing flavor.

CO2 Oil

When it comes to THC concentrate, one form that is a bit rare but high quality is CO2 Oil. This is a concentrate that uses titular gas during the extraction process.

The natural flavors of cannabis are well preserved in this concentration, as the use of gas for extraction allows for lower temperatures.

This concentrate is a favorite among vapers.

Understanding Types of THC Concentrates

The above types of THC concentrates all have their fans. Understanding these varieties should make it easier for you to decide which option will be right for you. Whether you’re brand new to THC or a more experienced customer, this kind of refresher can always be helpful.

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