Winning Strategies for College Basketball Betting

In March 2022, close to 17 million viewers watched collegiate basketball. One can only expect this to increase in March 2023.

If you’re looking to make big bucks on a sport, then now’s the time to place your bets on college basketball. But creating a college basketball betting strategy is often a challenge and many fans give up before they even try.

This college basketball betting guide will show you the best tips for making decent cash. 

Here’s what you need to know about college basketball betting:

Know the Picks

The first step is to learn the college basketball picks for 2023. These are the predictions by a group of experts based on the past performance of different teams.

For example, predictions for the January 4th games were already out on which teams would win in each of the games. As the months progress, we’ll see more predictions.

You want to do your own research as well. You must know about the performance of different teams and players. This helps you determine who to place your bets on. 

Watch Last Season’s Games

One of the best ways to predict the coming season is to keep an eye out on the previous season.

This helps you observe the performance of teams and players alike. It helps you make predictions for the current season based on performance. You also have to remember that teams change as players get traded.

This can help you determine which teams are the favorite for the new season. Many of these won’t necessarily have been the favorite for the previous season.

There are also cases where you’ll have to research the coaches of each basketball team. Based on their past performance, you can decide whether you want to root for their team or place your bets elsewhere!

Allocating Your Funds

Before you place your bets one of the first things you have to do is allocate your funds. This helps you place strategic bets to rake in good winnings and avoid bad losses.

It’s always best to set up a new bank account solely for betting. The money in this account should only get used for placing bets. Your winnings should also get directed back to this account.

Make sure you only bet what you are willing to lose. While one wants to remain optimistic, you have to be pragmatic as well. Fortunes can get lost when placing bets on sports. Make sure you take wise risks.

Betting Games

When it comes to college basketball betting, you can consider different types of betting games.

The simplest method is to bet on which team will win a particular game. As this is the most common type of betting game, it carries the lowest risk but also brings the lowest reward.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid such bets. In fact, if you’re a beginner to the world of sports betting this is probably the route you want to take.

Other types of betting games can include betting on how many points one team might score. Or it can include what the point gap will be between the two teams.

There are numerous types of betting games available so make sure you figure out which ones you enjoy the most. It’s always best to stick to 1 or 2 games rather than trying them all.

Once you’ve found a betting game or two that you’ve succeeded with, it’s best to stick to it. Once you start trying your luck with betting games that you’re not good at, you’ll start losing money.

Your focus has to be on making money and not on trying to prove your skills or mastery over any particular betting game.

Join a Betting Club

While this is optional, it might be one of your best bets when it comes to college basketball.

Watching sports is a communal activity and so should betting on them! You want to find a group of like-minded college basketball fans with whom you can discuss the games.

This is a great way to do research as well as become part of a betting pool. This is a large group of bettors who place an identical bet on a game. The risk is lower since many people are placing bets. Your reward is lower, but this might still be a great way to get started with college basketball betting.

A betting club is also a great place to meet more experienced bettors. They can teach you about betting and offer you advice. You want to ensure that you meet legitimate bettors and not any con artists though!

You’ll also be able to make great friends and develop a greater appreciation for college basketball when you join a betting club!

Best Practices

Let’s end with the best practices you should follow with college basketball betting.

Make sure you always watch the games on your own rather than depend on news coverage. News coverage often misses out on some of the nuances of gameplay.

Knowing gameplay will help you make better predictions for possible outcomes. You’ll know which players were doing well in a particular game. You’ll know if the game was a close call or whether a team won by a long shot.

You should also go through a bookmaker to place your bets. Make sure you work with a legitimate one so you can enjoy your winnings and remain compliant as well.

Get Started With College Basketball Betting

Now you can start with college basketball betting and earn a great income from your bets.

You want to start by learning the picks by following the expert predictions. This gives you a foundation on how to place your bets for future games.

Make sure you always watch last season’s games as well. You must also watch the games and never depend solely on news coverage. Consider joining a betting club to build a network.

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