Why Invest in EDI Shipping Solutions for Your Online Store

Businesses have been taking advantage of electronic data interchange for over 50 years, and there’s no surprise as to why. EDI alleviates all of the challenges that come along with B2B communication. It also helps to automate many business operations, eliminating the risk of human error that is more likely to happen without the help of EDI.

EDI even helps with product shipping for online stores, particularly when these businesses invest in EDI shipping solutions. As anyone can see, EDI investment is an important aspect in running an online business – or at least a successful one. Without EDI, you are likely to fall behind and eventually become obsolete. Don’t let that happen and invest in EDI solutions to reap these benefits and more for your online store.

EDI Can Manage Orders from Multiple Channels

It seems like every day the world is introduced with a new way to shop. This is no surprise since we are living in a consumer-driven society, and what more does the consumer love than a variety of ways to spend money? This means that an individual browsing the web for a product like yours could be redirected to any number of sites to make a purchase.

As an online store owner, it would be silly not to utilize as many online shopping platforms as possible. The more ways the customer can find your product, the more chances you’ll have to sell it to them. So do whatever it takes to sell whatever it is you’re selling on Amazon, Etsy, your own website, and more online shopping platforms.

However, handling orders from multiple channels can become too difficult to handle on your own. Luckily, EDI can help with this. EDI is the ultimate solution for handling tons of orders from many different channels. Handling orders, no matter if they come from Amazon, Etsy, or another site, is made easier than ever when you invest in EDI.

EDI Means Less Risk of Error

Let’s face it, as humans we aren’t perfect. We make mistakes, especially when it comes to tedious data entry. Filling out an order invoice improperly or manually sending out shipping information riddled with mistakes happen – unless EDI is used. An EDI software is capable of entering all business data electronically with no need for human intervention.

Ship Bob, an EDI resource, says that “when your business systems and sales channels can’t communicate, you end up relying on manual data entry and manual processes, usually at several points across your organization. The potential for keystroke errors is inherent to manual processes. When that information is transferred to other departments, the errors could be compounded across the organization.”

These errors can sometimes be easily fixed, but at other times they might lead to some major issues. More errors also lead to the risk of an unhappy customer, which is exactly what you don’t want for running a successful online business. Keeping the customers happy is a must if making money and finding success is on your agenda, and EDI can help.



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