What’s a Dab Rig (and Why Should You Try It?)

Did you know that the global CBD market is at $4.6 billion? It’s a growing economy and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of CBD.

One of the newer practices to enjoy CBD is dabbing. It’s a great way of getting a flavor-packed experience. But if you don’t know the process, you might not enjoy it to the fullest.

Don’t dismiss it yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn what’s a dab rig and why you should use it. That way, you’ll have a wonderful experience with it. Read on and find out more:

What’s a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a collective term applied to the tools and accessories necessary to vaporize cannabis concentrates, which can be a great tool to go with solventless concentrates that are highly popular nowadays. A typical dab rig will include these components:

1. Rig

Any dab rig has a glass water pipe as its foundation. Both dab rigs are bongs fall within the same category. A rig must also connect to either a nail or bowl while having a water chamber.

2. Banger or Nail

This is the attachment that allows vaporization of dabs when heated. It comes in many styles that change its vaporization rate as well as the amount dabbed at once. Bangers use the following materials to make them unique from each other:

  • Glass
  • Quartz
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic

Some bangers will come with a vacuum-sealed jacket. This allows them to retain their heat for longer periods.

3. Carb Cap

This cap features a small hole. It will cover the topmost part of the nail. It helps to lower the pressure in the nail, trapping the heat like an oven while reducing the temperature of vaporization.

4. Dabber

This is a tool for getting rid of a dab from a concentrate container. You can also use it to place the dab inside the nail or banger to let it vaporize.

5. Torch

This is a butane-powered hand torch used for heating the nail. The reason it’s not propane is that its flame is less hot, meaning it won’t damage the nail in the process.

6. E-nail

Use an e-nail if you want to avoid using the blow torch to manually heat your nail or banger. It’s because this device enables you to dial in your desired temperature. After that, it will use electricity to heat the nail and achieve this temperature.

7. Quartz Insert

This is a new addition to the basic nail or banger. It functions to add more surface area within it, meaning you’ll get the most out of dabs even at low temperatures. When put inside a hot nail, the quartz insert will act as an internal carb cap.

Are Dab Rigs Legal?

The short answer is that dab rigs are legal. Take note, owning the equipment by itself isn’t a criminal offense but the dabs might not be legal depending on the state you’re in. This means living in a cannabis-legal place where the law allows concentrates make dabs legal as well. Usually, I would simply go to a marijuana dispensary near me and order a dab rig of my choice since it is legal.

With that, you must be careful with your dab rig. If it has residue in it, some states will consider it as illegal drug paraphernalia. As always, it’s safer to check your state laws to ensure you won’t have a run-in with law enforcement.

Benefits of Dabbing Medical Cannabis

Dabbing is a great way of giving immediate relief if you suffer from chronic pain and other serious medical issues. It’s because other forms of consumption tend to take longer before taking effect. Since it helps apply cannabis concentrates, you’ll feel the soothing sensation much faster.

You might feel concerned that dabbing will make you overdose on cannabis or addicted to it. In some cases, you might even fear strong withdrawal symptoms. But the good news is that these issues aren’t a cause of concern if you’re a medical cannabis user.

This is possible because experienced medical professionals prescribe exact doses of medical cannabis. It means you’re unlikely to develop an addiction or get an overdose. If you have a regulated medical administration, you can extract the wax in a purer form while reducing the unnecessary additives.

How to Dab CBD

CBD continues its rise to popularity, meaning more people are starting to dab CBD concentrates. The good news is that making CBD and THC concentrates aren’t that different. With this, lots of THC concentrate textures are also available for its CBD counterparts.

Here are some CBD concentrates you might encounter in dispensaries. Also, check out this article on how to dab to have a better idea of the process.

1. CBD Isolate

This comes in either a crystalline solid or powder, typically containing 99% pure CBD. It uses an extraction process that aims to get rid of all the active compounds from cannabis plants. This gets rids of THC and other phytocannabinoids, which results in the purest CBD form around.

2. CBD Extract

This oily CBD extract has a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis plants. It undergoes winterization to get rid of fats and other plant matter. This ensures you can dab it with no problems.

3. Terpsolate

This is a common term for a CBD isolate combined with liquid terpenes after finishing the extraction process.

4. Shatter

This is a form of CBD concentrate. Its extraction process turns it into a slab infused with terpenes. Shatter is considered to be one of the best CBD products thanks to its quality and purity, especially the ones manufactured by shatter Canada brands and the like.

5. Crumble

This is a malleable concentrate that often breaks part when held. It’s the result of purging oils after finishing the extraction process.

6. Wax

These are concentrates that come in a sticky, waxy form. This uses full-spectrum and isolate extraction methods, regardless of whether it’s from CBD or THC. Take note, the right temperature for a CBD dab rig kit ranges from 320F to 356F since the higher temperature destroys the terpenes in the concentrate.

Get an Electric Dab Rig Today!

Hopefully, these facts satisfy your curiosity on what’s a dab rig and how to dab cannabis. Regardless, if you plan to dab concentrates soon, use this to guide your decisions and ensure your safety.

But why stop here? If you want to get the most out of your CBD, don’t hesitate to continue reading our other in-depth guides today.



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