How to Buy a Vape: The Top Tips to Know

Are you starting out with a vape? With so many types of devices and an endless choice of juices, it can be daunting to know where to begin. You need to get the right one for you, or vaping could leave a bad taste in your mouth. 

Luckily, with a few tips, you can select the right one. Below, we give a must-know guide on how to buy a vape. 

1. How It Works

A vaping device is commonly known as an e-cigarette. It converts liquid into vapor, which can then be inhaled. There are a number of different e-cigarettes, each catering to a range of needs. 

Each device is made of three components. These are the tank, the coils, and the battery (also known as the mod). 

The mod is the part that houses the battery. This can either be replaceable or changeable. It powers the coils. 

The coils are heated wires. They take power from the battery and turn the liquid into vapor. This can then be inhaled. 

Finally, you have a tank. This holds the vape juice, the wicks, and the heating coil.  

2. How Often Do You Replace the Coil?

In any device, the coils will wear over time. This will mean they need replacing, as if not they will fail to turn your liquid into vapor. Coils come in many different variations, each suited to a particular need. 

Once you start to get less vapor, and the taste from your vape is not up to standard, you will know it is time to replace the coils. It is a fairly easy process to do. All you need to do is unscrew the bottom of your vaping device, take out the coils, and insert the new ones. 

3. How to Buy a Vape

When buying a vape, the choice can be overwhelming. With so many different types available, added to the number of juices, you may not know where to begin. The first decision is to decide if you want a desktop or portable vape.

Desktop units are larger and more pricey. They need space to stand on in your home. Most people opt for the smaller, portable e-cigarette vape and we will be looking at this in more depth. 

Pen type portable units can be bought with a charger and device for as little as $20. However, you do get what you pay for. While these units will work fine at the start, batteries and coils will die quickly and they will be notoriously unreliable. Also, you may want to look into disposable vape pens, such as an elf bar for example, since they are very affordable and convenient.

The best way to choose is to have a budget in mind and discuss your options with a local vaping specialist. They will know the most reliable devices on the market in your price range and will be able to recommend a range of juices. This vape shop can help out, so send them a message with any queries you may have. 

Choosing a Retailer

Choosing a retailer is just as important when buying a vape as the device itself. A good retailer can give the best advice on how to buy a vape and recommend products. Pop into a store or email them for advice. 

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