Vaping Tips And Tricks

It is always interesting to talk about vaping. Millions of people all over the world have fallen in love with vaping, and we now have so many varieties too. If you are trying to get into vaping for the first time, you will love the learning process because it is part of what makes vaping fun. And don’t worry about the number of options you have, just take it slow, and you will surely love it.

Invest in high-quality e-liquids

Part of what makes vaping so good is the e-liquids. These e-liquids can be found in every vape store you can find. Obviously, you won’t be able to vape without an e-liquid. And, you won’t be able to get the best vaping experience with a high-quality e-liquid. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in these high-quality products. Check out UK cheap shortfill e-liquids online for more information on this.

Find your taste

Besides the quality, the flavor of e-liquid is the deciding factor. You are free to choose whichever flavor you want. Don’t be shy, explore different flavors, and decide for yourself which one is the best for you. It will take some time before you find the best one, of course, considering how many flavors there are on the market. But, it is also one of the best things about vaping.

PG/VG ratios

This may sound confusing at first, but it is actually rather simple. PG is propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerin, and you want to see high or 100 VG in e-liquids. This amount of VG helps produce thicker and smoother hits.

Meanwhile, a low amount of VG in e-liquid produces a smaller and deeper hit. So depending on what you want or need, you may want to aim for a specific amount of VG. Now make sure the PG/VG ratio is balanced (or not) depending on your preferences. Usually, high VG juice is considered better quality due to fewer allergies and being naturally sweet. If you want to try high quality e-liquids, you should stick to reputable brands like zeus juice especially if you want to be careful with the PG/VG ratios.

E-liquid maintenance

Yes, vaping is more than buying and using the products that you bought. You need to do some maintenance to keep everything in top shape and this will give you the best experience possible with your vaping devices. One of the best, and probably easiest, things to do is shake your e-liquid before every use. Why do you ask? Because by shaking your e-liquid, you mix up the PG/VG and nicotine levels and get the best quality vape every time you use it.

A plastic tank may not be ideal

A plastic tank is generally okay, but acidic flavors like citrus, essential oils, and menthol can and cause major problems later. So if you really love these acidic flavors, a plastic tank may not be what you want. Instead, you should invest in a quality glass or pyrex tank to avoid issues in the future. This kind of material is more durable than plastic and can definitely handle acidic flavors much better, too.

Keep cleaning your vaporizer

Again, maintenance is crucial for vaporizers. And, one of the best ways to keep your vaporizer in top shape is by cleaning it. A consistent cleaning routine can make even a regular vaporizer last for as long as possible. Without regular maintenance, your vape will be less enjoyable than usual. For starters, you can do some basic cleaning, and after you know more about the inside of a vaporizer, deep cleaning will be possible.

Join the community

The world of vaping is huge. There are many online communities dedicated to vaping, and I am sure they will welcome you with open arms. In these communities, you can learn about current vaping trends, all kinds of vape devices, unique flavors, and many more. Share with everyone your experience with vaping and what you want to achieve in the future. Perhaps, some people in the community will be able to help you and make you enjoy vaping even more.


As you see, there are many things you can learn here. From maintenance to exploring various flavors, you can keep your experience fresh. Don’t forget to keep up with the latest developments in the vaping world, so you can keep yourself updated.



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