Top After-Christmas Cleaning Tips

Christmas is a magical time of year; however, once it draws to a close, we find ourselves noticing all the changes that need to be made in our homes. This doesn’t necessarily mean pursuing roofing service leads or any other drastic construction projects.

After all, we find that we obtain more clutter than ever during the festive season, due to presents, drinks, decorations, and more. Christmas gives us a break from reality, but January is a rude awakening in which we notice all the cleaning and organizing that needs to be done. As a result, detailed below are some of the top after-Christmas cleaning tips.

Delegate a Room to Each Person

When it comes to cleaning and organizing, the last thing you want to do is take on the colossal task yourself. Therefore, you can reduce your workload by assigning a room to every person. Get your kids to find storage space for their presents in their bedrooms, fold away their clothes, and pick up their shoes in order to reduce clutter. They don’t have to spend hours of their day decluttering to make a difference; just 10 minutes daily is all that’s needed. This way, they’ll remain engaged, and your house will look better for it.

Pay for Quality Cleaning Products

Quality cleaning products can be quite expensive; however, they do the job a lot better than their cheaper counterparts. Clean sponges, powerful vacuum cleaners, and quality bleaches are all required to keep the dirt at bay. Especially if you’re looking to spend around 10 minutes daily on your cleaning routine, you’re going to need the top cleaning goods. Without them, the amount of time you’re required to spend on your housework will multiply. In anticipation of after-Christmas cleaning, you might even ask Santa for a new vacuum or another piece of cleaning equipment to make your life easier.

Don’t be Afraid to Hide Things

Sometimes tidying can seem too overwhelming; finding a place for everything and ensuring everything is in its place can be tough. Therefore, you needn’t overthink it. Just get your hands on some storage bins, or something along the same lines, and fill them with everything that needs to go away. When you find the time and inspiration, you can sort through these bins and find a little more cohesion. Until then, though, hiding will do just fine. Remember that your house is lived in; it’s not going to resemble a show home at all times.

Start a Fresh

Over the festive period, it’s likely you’ve spent more time in your home than you usually do. As a result, it’s time to open the windows to blow the dust away and rid the environment of any stale smells. Take out the garbage and shake all pillows, rugs, and duvets, before lighting some scented candles or incense. It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to start a fresh. A clean home is a soothing one, so dust your way to relaxation and then immerse yourself in the ambiance of a candle-lit living room.

Close All Doors

Following on from the concept of hiding things, if you can’t bear to look at the mess, close all doors. This mainly applies to your children’s bedrooms, as they likely pull all their toys out straight after clearing them all away. The fact of the matter is that a home with kids is never going to be a glorious show home. If the sheer sight of clutter everywhere contributes to your stress levels, just close the doors. Not only does this hide the mess, but it contains it and prevents it from spreading.



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