Tobacco E-Liquid and Other Tasty Options for Vapers

When e-cigarettes and vaping first came into play, choices were very limited. With the rise in popularity and the health benefits, vaping has well and truly taken off. Nowadays, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a vape liquid, with so many options for flavor, nicotine strength, vapor production, and even how hard it hits your throat. Whether you’re looking at making the switch from cigarettes, or just want to explore the endless possibilities that vaping has to offer, picking the flavor that is right for you comes first.

Tobacco Blends

When first switching to a vape, you may not be ready to give up the flavor of your favorite cigarettes. This is so common, that most cigarette brands now have their own vape blend, so you can keep puffing on that flavor that you love. Tobacco e liquid gives you all those refined flavors of the earth but takes away the ash, smoke, and side effects. Great for vape newbies, but also a classic that can never be replaced.

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Minty Fresh

Going for a more menthol flavor also seems like an obvious choice for those just starting out with vapes. Instead of inhaling smoke and ash, you get the fresh ‘just brushed my teeth’ sensation throughout the entire day. Not only this, but the cloud is pleasant for those non-smokers around you too.

Juicy and Fruity

You may find it’s time to start looking outside the box a little, and fruit flavors are the first place to start. While factors like nicotine strength and inhalation are all essential to consider when choosing a vape liquid, actually liking the flavor is fundamental, so make sure you pick something you like! If you have more of a sweet tooth, go for strawberries, if you like more of a tang try a citrus punch, and if your favorite fruit is banana, give that one a go. Everyone enjoys some sort of fruity flavor, and it’s a good bet to begin trying out some alternatives.

Cocktails and Alcohol

If you want to take a puff and feel like you’re sipping pina coladas on a tropical beach, there’s a liquid for you. If you’re less nuts about coconuts, maybe a refreshing mojito or a delicate Cosmo? Cocktails are just a small step out from fruity flavors, but an interesting one to make. Flavors have even branched out to include other alcoholic drinks, so check for your go-to cold beer flavor, that refreshing summer wine or a timeless whisky. There’s bound to be something available that’s going to give you that double hit.

Fancy Foods

Now you’ve done a little exploration, it’s got to be time to try something more out there, ranging from some tasty sounding alternatives, like pizza and candy, to the more questionable choices of garlic and cheese. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Whether you are looking to keep those rugged tobacco flavors or branch out to try something with a pop or tang, there is an e liquid out there that has what you are looking for.



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