Colorado White Water Rafting: Your Ultimate Adventure Guide

If you want to explore the Rocky Mountains and create unforgettable memories, rafting in Colorado is the way to go! The best part about Colorado white water rafting is you can do it with the whole family regardless of age or experience.

That said, if you’re planning a rafting trip, it recommended you spend some time researching the time of year that is best for your skillset. During May and June, the mountain snow melts, making the river water run faster. As August to September rolls around, the CFS (cubic foot per second, how water speed is measured) falls and makes for safer rafting for beginners and children.

In this article, we’ll go over all the considerations you need to plan and have a fun-packed afternoon on the river!

Adhering to the Safety Guidelines

One of the prominent tips to follow for the best white water rafting experience is to comply with the safety guidelines. When people reach Colorado and look out for rafting tours and trips, they encounter multiple service providers.

Enthusiasts should invest in licensed river outfitters who adhere to laws and regulations set by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Every guide and personnel is trained and follows strict protocols to make the rafting experience unforgettable. Besides offering the best white water rafting trips and tours, safety is the top priority. 

River Rafting in Different Rivers in Colorado

The highlight of Colorado white water rafting is that enthusiasts can experience the thrill and adventure in different Colorado rivers.

Upper Colorado

When people look for a mild, relaxing, and easy white water trip, Upper Colorado is the best option. In addition to the easy and mellow float tour, people enjoy the breathtaking wildlife and the beautiful canyon sightings. The area features an alpine desert and has warmer air temperatures than other locations offering white water rafting. The Upper Colorado River is ideal for family rafting trips.

Arkansas River

It is the most popular river in Colorado and provides the best river rafting experience. The variety of river tour options makes Arkansas the most preferable choice among adventure enthusiasts and fun-lovers. The highlight is that the river is available for season-long rafting and other adventure-filled outdoor activities.

The river is in the middle of a 14,000-foot peak in Colorado and offers rafting trips from beginner to advanced levels. The river offers adventurous and thrilling options like zipline trips, horseback riding, and hot springs.

Blue River

The white water rafting trips on the Blue River offer an early-season experience and depend on the water and snowpack release from the upstream Dillon reservoir. The river mainly offers Class III rapids, ideal for beginners and seasoned rafters. The round trip of Colorado white water rafting on the Blue River takes around 2.5 hours. 

The hour-long rafting through the snow-covered mountains and the alpine forest exhibits beauty beyond comparison. The view is breathtaking, and it is what makes the Blue River rafting so popular among adventure-seekers. Blue River offers one of the best short-trip experiences in Colorado.

Clear Creek Canyon

Situated a few hours from Denver, Clear Creek Canyon is a rapidly becoming popular Colorado river rafting destination. Like the Blue River, the Clear Creek Canyon surrounds itself with splendid high alpine forest.

In addition, the multiple Class rapids allow beginner and experienced paddlers to enjoy different intensities of the river. Gradually, the destination is gaining significance, and more adventure-seekers consider to spend the vacation with their friends and families.ri

Dolores River

If an individual plans a multi-day rafting trip in Colorado, Dolores River seems a good choice. The rich history and heritage, surrounding landscape, and raw natural beauty make Dolores River the perfect spot for holidaying with family and friends. The mild river rapids and the breathtaking red canyon walls give a picturesque experience during the early spring when nature blooms at its best.


There is no specific time or season to enjoy the Colorado white water rafting trip. It depends on the type of experience one intends to undergo. The essence of Colorado rafting is at its finest when enthusiasts plan ideal trips and tours.

Navigating through crystal clear waters, paddling down the different rapid levels of the river, surrounded by the stunning beauty, makes Colorado rafting trips adventure-filled and gives an adrenaline rush every second.



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