The Tools for Revealing the Freedom in Freelancing

Do you wish to transition to working from home or have you initiated the process? For those with experience in self-starting and being highly motivated, the chance to be your own freelance boss may sound like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, and for good reason. The tricky part in finding work from multiple companies to support your income is that you will need more skills than simply those in the job description. To be triumphant in freelancing, one must consider scaling up in several personal development areas, leveraging current and future tools to enable one’s working independence. The lessons garnered from such a time investment in self-learning will be applicable not only to your contracts but also to your daily life.

Mathematical Intelligence Tools

Having the ability to make your schedule means you will need to work on your organization skills. Juggling your own sales and marketing duties as a freelancer plus being the service provider who delivers the final product is not a job for the inefficient. Mathematical intelligence means using deduction, logic, and reasoning to interpret the world around you and make decisions. Visual tools like Gantt charts, calendars, and full software applications like the many alternatives help to structure your tasks in a meaningful flow to make your string projects feel whole. Project management aids like these simplify the confusion that can surround the self-employed by tracking the people, events, and ideas that are in place to fulfill a business objective.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

An understanding of automation can have a profound influence on the lives of freelancers. For one, AI tools can make client meetings far easier.  During a virtual conference call, some apps like Zoom have a feature to record and continuously transcribe the words used in a meeting in real time. This allows you the ability to focus more on making a connection with the client during the discussion while the notes are being taken on your behalf. Finally, AI is used to automate marketing strategies, like triggered emails or chatbots with a predetermined script on your website. Automation implements can profoundly impact the effectiveness of your freelance employment, given the chance.

Emotional Intelligence Tools

Having a high IQ is one specialty. However, informational intelligence will only get you so far in freelancing. When working with other people to get a job done, it is necessary to have the ability to monitor and measure the emotions of yourself and of others. This is called your emotional intelligence, or EQ. There will come a time when your deadlines are conflicting, your client is upset, or you are having a bad day. Those with a strong interpersonal awareness can transcend the strong feelings coming in from all parties, separating the emotion from the facts of the situation and the likelihood of success despite the team’s existing sensibilities.

In the freelancing world, problems abound. These issues do not have to discourage you from self-employment. When the task to solve said problems arises, you will want to equip yourself with your diverse tools geared for resolutions in miscommunication, technology failure, or a client relationship mishap. The mastery of your freelancing mission can only be fueled by a willingness to keep learning.



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