The Most Profitable Sports to Bet On and Win

Did you know that boxing didn’t become a legal sport until 1901? That’s a lot of years of missed betting opportunities!

If you love sports, you might be curious about sports betting; how can you get started, and what sports are the most promising? You don’t want to lose money and want the best odds possible, which can feel difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Read this guide on the best sports to bet on today for the most promising returns. 

How Sports Betting Works

You have a couple of options, online betting sites or in-person sportsbooks. There are also bookies. Understand the risks and benefits of each before beginning. 

You can find sportsbooks across the globe. Before you begin sports betting, check the legalities in your area. It’s illegal in some places. 

Bookies will charge you for your bet and run like traditional sports book operations. Some will offer you parlay or betting cards. This is when you pick many games for a bigger potential payout. 

Contests will usually spread out with the favorite and the underdog. They’ll either receive points or runs. 

Moneylines are common. This is when you bet on who you think will win the contest. You don’t have to worry about points or runs a team wins by. 

You’ll still have a plus or minus number. It’ll mention how much you can win or need to bet. 


Football is one of the best sports to bet on. You can begin with Oddstrader’s free nfl computer picks to get started. 

Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide to bet on and watch. There are great odds of success since various competing operators are trying to get your attention. 

There are also plenty of promotions available. The various events also have great odds. 

The benefits: 

  • Great odds
  • Available worldwide
  • Various betting markets 

The cons: 

  • Too many choices for some 


Tennis is one of the most exciting and popular sports to bet on. Punters can bet on every point, set, and game. 

Keep in mind that it’s not as popular as some other sports. But you’ll be able to bet on big events such as Wimbledon. There’s often live streaming of contests as well. 

The benefits:

  • Break down the game across various segments
  • Betting on tennis is exciting
  • Live coverage

The cons: 

  • It’s not as popular as other sports 

College Basketball

There are various benefits to betting on college basketball. There are hundreds of basketball teams to choose from. 

Many of them also play in conferences. Basketball teams also play multiple games in one week. 

You could find high-value situations with those odds. Consider nonconference college basketball for less competition. November and December are big times for college football and the NFL. 

You have the NCAA Tournament, conference tournaments, and small postseason tournaments in March. College basketball lets you have tons of opportunities and receive a load of value available. 

MLB (Major League Baseball)

There are 30 teams to choose from. They play hundreds of games each year to give you opportunities to make money.

Summertime is a great opportunity to bet. It’s a slower season for sportsbooks, so you’re more likely to make money back.

Check analytics and stats to make it to your benefit. Look for any struggles and benefits each team and player has. For example, some pitchers struggle against certain players. 


Cricket is one of the best types of sports to bet on. It’s strategic and comes in various forms. 

For example, there’s Twnety20 and Test Cricket. You can choose from various cricket betting sites.

Whether you win or lose, the experience of the sport is improved. Since there are various markets to choose from, you can view each bet from different angles. You’ll see the various details and updates across long matches as well.

The benefits: 

  • Various markets to choose from
  • Deep analytics and definition of angles
  • Increase your enjoyment of the game

The cons: 

  • It’s a long game 


While it’s not popular worldwide, it’s extremely popular in some locations. It stands out from other sports since it requires physical but tactical skills. 

Newbies can enjoy that they can go with their intuition more with rugby. There are also plenty of rugby betting sites. 

The benefits: 

  • There are plenty of international tournaments to choose from
  • Action-packed
  • Plenty of under and over markets 

The cons: 

  • Coverage isn’t equivalent to other sports 

The Best Sport Overall

Football offers you the most options for coming out ahead.

Keep in mind that it is also the riskiest to bet on. Baseball offers lower returns, but each team plays hundreds of games each season. 

The riskiest wagers normally offer you the most opportunities. Remember that you could lose your money much easier, though. It’s difficult to say the best since they all have risks and rewards. 

Do plenty of research and be realistic about your odds. Watch out for bookies who offer you the world and have cards to choose from. 

Exploring the Best Sports To Bet On

After exploring this guide, you should better understand the best sports to bet on. Take your time deciding which is the best option for you. 

Do plenty of research and understand each team’s past plays. Only bet what you feel comfortable with losing. 

Would you like to read more sports content and other ways to make money? Then, be sure to check out our other articles today! 



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