The Basics of Planning a Good Career

Being able to build a career has become more important for many as a means to provide sustainable and reliable long-term employment as well as possible self-employment and business opportunities. This article highlights the key aspects of planning for a good career.


Yes, passion has become a buzzword in recruitment and career building circles, but the truth of the matter is that passion is an absolute essential if you intend to build any sort of prosperous and rewarding career.

You need to be passionate about what it is you want to do with your time and if not, then passionate about making the money that the career that you’ve chosen allows you to earn. There must, however, be some passion for your career and this is what will keep you going through the tough times.

Find a mentor

Find a senior professional in the sector you want to work in who is prepared to mentor and coach you and then use them to help you through the career plans you have developed. They will be able to suggest training courses and networks of other professionals that you can join and learn from.

You can also discuss and choose the best resume formats with them to ensure that you market yourself in the best possible way. A mentor is thus a proven wealth of advice and insights that can go a long way to making you more prepared for that dream career opportunity.

Sector knowledge

Your knowledge of the sector that you are in, or looking to be in, needs to be as up to date and current as possible. Whether this means getting a qualification via something like one of these allied health programs (for those looking to get into the healthcare business) to be able to enter the industry or doing ongoing online courses or on the job training to keep your skills relevant, it’s something that must be constant and ongoing. 

Not knowing enough about your sector is a recipe for stagnation and no company in their right minds is going to look to hire or promote anyone who doesn’t know both the basics and the cutting-edge principles of the business.

Ensure that your sector specific and industry specific knowledge is up to date and spend sufficient time and energy to ensure that you read up and study the latest trends and techniques.


There will be times throughout your working life when you will have different responsibilities. You need to honestly prioritize your time and be open about the work life balance that you need at each stage of your career.

Not being able to prioritize or compromise is one of the  surest ways to flounder through your chosen career. You need to prioritize the things that are important and then find time for the others.

Have SMART goals

Being able to monitor your progress against your goals is one of the best ways to move forward. Keeping the goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound (SMART goals) is one of the best ways to set and then attain your career goals. This type of goal planning is the best way to set a clear roadmap as to how to get to your specific career targets.

Being able to plan, and then implement the steps to a great career is something that will take a great deal of effort and won’t come easy. However, the tips as discussed herein will allow you to systematically and step by step plan how you too can end up in the career that you want.



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