Space Saving Ideas For A Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling the kitchen in your home can be an ongoing challenge. From finding the best design and functionality to saving as much space as possible. But, if you can do it right, you can have the kitchen of your dream that has it all.

In this article, we are going to learn about some of the best space-saving ideas for a kitchen remodel. Hopefully, some of these ideas apply to your kitchen. Additionally, you can take the easy route of hiring High Point kitchen renovation services and get the remodel that you want.

Kitchen bin

No one wants a messy kitchen, but cleaning up every time you are done cooking could be a bother. This is why people love kitchen bins. But, having a kitchen bin or even more is still not enough. The key here is to place the kitchen bins in strategic places.

Place a bin near the busiest area in your kitchen, usually right under the chopping board. You can also make it even better by placing a hidden kitchen bin. No space wasted, and your kitchen will still be cleaner than without a kitchen bin.

Hooks all over the place

I know people who are hooked on hooks, and I can’t blame them. Installing hooks all over your kitchen is a great way to save up a lot of space. Furthermore, you can hang pretty much anything you want on the hooks. This way, you can save up space and have easy access to everything you need. Besides, having your items hanging out in the open will prevent you from forgetting that they exist. I know some people who would buy new kitchen utensils and never use them more than once.

There is also a theory that says placing items out in the open will give you more motivation to use them. So if you are passionate about cooking, this is will make you want to cook even more. Free up your cabinet space and make it easier for you to grab what you need to cook the best dish.

Take advantage of your windowsills

If there are windowsills in your kitchen area, don’t forget to use them. If your kitchen happens to have a window, you can use the sill as storage. This way, you can have one more spot to put your tools. Furthermore, as explained above, these tools will be visible at all times.

Use a pegboard

Pegboards aren’t exclusively for garages or workshops, they can be used in kitchens as well. A pegboard is a great choice if you have empty walls in your kitchen area. One pegboard can hold more than you can think, from pots and pans to canisters and knives. You can also make some adjustments to your pegboard to hang certain items, no matter how big or small they are. This also means that a pegboard will last for a very long time, so unless it’s broken, you don’t ever need to replace it.

Consider a fold-down table

Have you seen fold-down tables? They are just simply amazing. Any smart design for a small space always involves a fold-down table. This kind of table can be attached to a wall, hanging off a bookshelf, or in front of a window. Simply fold the table when you are not using it, and no space will be wasted. You can also use a fold-down table for pretty much anything you want, from eating to chopping up vegetables.

Small shelves for small spaces or corners

Don’t be shy when it comes to shelves. Shelves are easily adjustable and you can be place them pretty much anywhere you want. If you see there is a small unused corner, just hang some small shelves there. Now you can get additional storage on your wall where you can put jars or bottles. Corners are usually empty, so might as well take advantage of these spots.

Finishing thought

Taking advantage of every bit of space in your kitchen can be challenging. But, if you can do it correctly, there is this sense of satisfaction that you will love. Having a small kitchen isn’t an excuse to not have the best kitchen possible. Start remodeling your kitchen now and see for yourself how much space you can utilize using all the ideas above.



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