Smoking Weed vs Vaping: Comparing Highs and Health Benefits

Smoking weed vs. vaping. It’s a debate and discussion going on for years and has become more prominent now that marijuana is becoming something that people can do more recreationally. 

Why would you consider vaping weed vs. smoking weed? Some studies show it’s healthier to vape than smoke, but is it enough to sway you?

Keep reading, and we’ll discuss some of the benefits of making the switch and the different highs people report when doing one or the other. 

Smoking Weed vs. Vaping: What’s the Difference?

In many ways vaping vs. smoking weed is a debate that comes down to semantics. Vaping weed is very similar to smoking weed in that you are still heating the THC, CBD, etc. are inhaled into the lungs. Vaping CBD e liquid is really popular nowadays, and to some, it is the best way of consuming CBD.

The principal difference between the two is vaping happens at much lower temperatures, and the vapor released has less of the toxic chemicals that are combusted when lighting a joint.

According to some experts, no matter how you are ingesting, whether through vaping or smoking, there are health risks to be considered, but vaping is regarded as a little less damaging

The vaping vs. smoking weed high can also be different, according to some. According to studies, if you do not smoke weed regularly, vaping can have a much stronger effect than typical smoking. Something to keep in mind when vaping for the first time.  

Options for Vaping Weed

There are different options you need to take into consideration when choosing between smoking weed vs. vaping. For example, the equipment is different. You’ll need vaping equipment from a vape shop or a recreational marijuana store. 

Depending on the vape you have purchased, you will also need vape oil cartridges or dry herb to put into the heating chamber. There are versions you can take with you on the go if you’d prefer something a little more portable. A quick search using keywords such as “craft weed online Canada” for example, will allow you to find online stores near you so you can purchase and enjoy Indica dominant hybrids on the go.

Benefits of Vaping Weed

If you are interested in vaping weed vs. smoking, there are some benefits. Vaping tends to be more discreet than smoking. It doesn’t smell as strongly as burning a joint. 

When vaping weed, as we mentioned above, you are also not burning harmful chemicals like tar. This can be better for your overall health and skin as you are less likely to expose yourself to damaging particles. 

Now You Know the Difference Between Smoking Weed vs. Vaping

So, smoking weed vs. vaping, where do you stand? Do you believe vaping is, in fact, better overall? Or do you think you’ll wait until more research comes out? There are many ways to consume marijuana these days. Pick the one you think is best and go from there. 

Want to know more about marijuana and vaping? You’ve come to the right place. Our blog releases articles regularly about both subjects and can open your eyes to what’s out there. Read as much as you can and get informed!



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