Small Ways To Get A Little Fitter Each Day

Getting and staying fit is difficult. We all work out but being at a desk all day can have a negative impact on our body. To help stay fit we are going to cover some small things you can do every day to make yourself a little fitter. With those things, you will also find that your body feels better.

Stand Up And Walk For 10 Minutes Every Hour

Sitting at your desk all day can as much damage to your body as smoking. Every hour take the time to get up and walk around for at least 10 minutes. This will help to keep your body powered up. Most offices will be okay with this, especially if you use that time to be productive, such as to go get paper from the printer or go to fill up your water bottle.

If you have a Fitbit you can set it for activity reminders to make sure you get at least some steps every hour.

Spend Lunch Outdoors

Take your lunchtime and go outside to walk around. You will get fresh air and burn calories. Not only that, you will get out of the work atmosphere and let out some of your stress. Relieving stress is important for living a healthy life and stress can affect your weight.

Take The Stairs

You should always take the stairs instead of the elevator if you want to be fit. Stairs are good for your health and get your heart rate up. If you are in a tall building still consider taking the stairs or at least take several floors before getting on the elevator.

Do 15 Minutes Of Chores A Day, Minimum

Chores can burn a lot of calories especially when you are carrying things or walking. Vacuuming can also be a good calorie burner. Spend at least 15 minutes every day taking care of your home or apartment. This will help to keep it clean but also help you to burn calories.

Find Time To Stretch Every Day

Stretching is important for your muscles. It helps to get them ready for exercise and reduce the stress put on them. Another benefit of stretching is increased flexibility. Spend some time every day stretching. The best time to do so is in the morning but you can do it at any time. You should also be spending a few minutes stretching before doing anything very physical.

Fidget Regularly

Fidgeting can actually help us burn calories. Anytime that you can try to fidget. Move your legs, tap your fingers, and move around. While you are on the phone you can walk back and forth. If you are at a desk, you can work standing up. Try asking your office if you can have a standing desk. Many businesses want healthy employees so they are happy to buy standing desks.

Cook At Home And Add More Protein

Cooking at home is essential if you want to be fit. Going out costs money but you also tend to get less healthy food options. While you are cooking at home make sure to up your protein intake as it helps to build muscles which fight off fat. If you think your protein intake is still lacking, especially if you workout a lot, you can take a look at various Good Protein Powder products on the market.

At the same time, make sure that you cut out as many carbs as possible every day. Getting fit will require some physical activity at the gym but there are little things you can do to help out and reduce your need for gym time. Take these tips and work them into your day. For the most part, you will hardly notice the little bit of work you have to put in.



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