What Are Sex Toy Parties and Why Are They So Popular?

Believe it or not, sex toy parties are not only reserved for the outrageously sexual or super kinky people out there. In fact, these types of parties cater to the exact opposite kind of people.

If you’re less sexually experienced, whether it’s with yourself or other sexual partners, a sex toy party can be a truly educational experience!

If you want to learn more about self-pleasure or how to kink up your sex life with a partner, here’s what you can expect from a sex toy rendezvous. 

1. Sex Toy Parties Are Judgment-Free Get-Togethers

Whether you’re married, single, or in a complicated relationship, just about anyone can attend a sex toy party. Hosted by an experienced sex toy consultant, the premise of these types of get-togethers is usually to educate those who are curious about self-pleasure or achieving better orgasms, in general.

The best part is that’s always a judgment-free zone, you won’t be made to feel embarrassed by your level of sexual experience. Nor are you required to disclose anything about your sex life if you don’t want to. 

Some sex toy parties are co-ed, meaning both men and women are free to attend. If this is the case, you will be notified beforehand. However, they are most commonly hosted by women, for women. 

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2. You’re Encouraged to Mingle 

One of the best ways to learn about sex toys, and sex in general, is to listen to other people’s experiences. Sex toy parties are all about mingling and chatting with both new and old friends about your own experiences with certain sex toys.

And if you don’t have any experience with a wand vibrator for example or any other toys — that’s okay too. This is a great opportunity to pick up a few tips, especially for beginners. You won’t be forced to disclose any personal information if you don’t want to, and most of the time, questions are encouraged. 

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3. It’s Important to Be Open-Minded 

One of the best ways to truly enjoy a sex toy party is to go in with an open mind. In order to break the ice, you might play a few games at the start to get to know one another. There are generally a few drinks involved, too. But if you don’t enjoy alcohol, there’s no pressure to drink, either.

Once everyone is a little more comfortable, the consultant will reveal and explain more about each product they are selling. You’ll get a chance to test out the products (with your index finger only!) and ask any questions. If you prefer to not try out anything, your choice is always respected. 

4. Don’t Feel Pressured Into Buying Anything 

If you plan on attending a sex toy party for the educational side of things, then that’s perfectly fine. There is no pressure on you or anyone else to buy any of the products on sale.

You’ll be supplied with an order sheet at the start of the party. If anything catches your eye, you can mark it down and order it later on, or in privacy, if you choose. 

Keep in mind that these parties are more about self-empowerment and learning about pleasure! 

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