How To Put Out a Cigar the Right Way

Do you want to treat yourself to the utmost luxuries you can find in life? It’s crucial to know how to properly handle a cigar. From start to finish, some steps can help you get the most out of your smoke.

Now the only question is, how to put out a cigar correctly? If you want to learn more about the art of smoking a stogie, keep reading for our guide on putting out a cigar.

Let’s get started!

Take the Cigar and Lightly Blow on the Lit End

A properly extinguished cigar should be neither too wet nor too dry. Too much moisture will cause it to reek of burnt paper and wet ash, while not enough moisture will make it difficult to relight.

The key is to find a balance by taking the cigar and lightly blowing on the lit end. This will help to evenly distribute the vapor and ensure that it is properly quenched. This will also help to remove any loose ashes that may be on the cigar.

In addition, you can use your fingers to lightly pinch it and then carefully blow on the cigar to remove any remaining heat.

Gently Blow Its End to Extinguish the Ember 

If you’re looking to put out your cigar the right way, then gently blow its end to extinguish the ember. Do not stub it out in an ashtray.

This will ensure that the cigar is properly extinguished and won’t continue to smolder.

Use a Cigar Cutter

To avoid ruining it and wasting your money, you should cut it in half before extinguishing it. Whether they are regular stogies or limited edition cigars, you need a sharp cigar cutter to cut them. 

Start by cutting a small V-shape into its cap. Then, cut the cigar in half at the V-shape. This will allow you to enjoy the cigar another time. Finally, twist the halves apart.

If you portioned it correctly, the cigar should easily come apart. If not, you can always try again. Once you have it cut in half, you can then ditch it in an ashtray.

Use a Cigar Punch 

You can also make use of a cigar punch to make a small hole. This will allow the cigar to blow out itself without producing any unpleasant flavors.

Be sure to rotate the cigar as you punch it so that the hole is evenly distributed.

Tips on How to Put Out a Cigar the Right Way

The proper way how to put out a cigar is to let it go out on its own. This can take up to 20 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a cigar cutter or a cigar punch.

Just make sure that you don’t cut or punch too much of the cigar. By following this guide, you can assure that you’re getting the most out of buying cigars.

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