How to Properly Optimize Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Did you know the global number of email users is forecast to reach 4.6 billion by 2025?

This makes email marketing an amazing platform to connect with your audience, keep them engaged and generate leads. But with more than 300 billion emails sent daily, your marketing efforts will need to cut through the noise to actually get read.

That means you will need to optimize your email marketing campaign according to your target audience. Wondering how you will achieve this?

Below, we will walk you through the steps to optimize your email marketing strategy. Read on!

Quality Will Always Win

There is no getting around quality content. Bill Gates got it right over two decades ago. And every marketer has followed him since.

Don’t leave your quality content for only social media and even blogs. Throw it into your email marketing campaign. Make sure you are sharing with your audience valuable content that they want to hear.

Personalize Your Content

As important as it is to address recipients by their first names, it is also a good practice for you as the sender of the email. Include your name or even a picture in your emails. This way, you will easily build trust and connect with your audience.

Know Your Audience

Don’t end your personalization train with the sender’s name. Know exactly who you are talking to and optimize your content to meet their specific needs. This is particularly true if your products or services range through age groups.

Segment your mailing list according to your customer’s needs and their stage in the buyer journey.

A simple rule of thumb is that you cannot send a similar email to new customers that you send to your veteran customers. Both their needs are different and the type of engagement you are after with both of them is different.

Metrics Matter

Knowing your numbers will tell you what is working and what you need to revisit in your campaign.

Here are a few metrics to watch:

Open Rate: This tells you how many of your emails are opened.

Click-through Rate: if you have links or offers in your emails maybe a call-to-action, this metric will tell you how many of your readers opened those links.

Bounce Rate: both a soft and hard bounce will show you the number of emails that weren’t delivered.

Conversion Rate: this is where you record your ROI. How many of those CTA clicks ended up converting? It is the metric to show you what your efforts are yielding.

Mobile Optimization

With 85% of email users accessing their mail on smartphones, you cannot leave out mobile optimization for your email marketing campaign. Ensure that the layout of your emails will fit smaller screens while still looking clean and minimalistic.

Unsubscribe Link

An unsubscribe link offers users the freedom to decide if they want to continue to engage with your business. Breakups are messy, but it is far worse to force-feed users content. This will not only irritate users and foster a bad brand perception, but it will also waste your marketing efforts.

Make your unsubscribe link clear and easy to spot.

And if you are struggling with unwanted emails, using an email cleanup app will free your mailbox and put you in control of your inbox.

Building Your Email Marketing Campaign

Emails are the best way to connect with users, generate leads and build an ROI. Simple steps like watching your metrics and communicating quality content will give your email marketing campaign a fighting chance.

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