How to Choose the Right Supplier for Different Promotional Products?

Have you heard of the term “promotional products”? It’s a concept quite popular in the corporate industry and refers to products containing a company’s slogan or logo, which it distributes to customers free of charge.

Companies distribute these products for various reasons, including promoting their business, achieving instant brand recognition, building customer loyalty, showing appreciation, and attracting potential customers.

Businesses in Australia make the most of promotional products. Statistics show that marketers spend more than 1.34 billion dollars AUD annually on marketing products for marketing reasons.

About 52% of customers in Australia say that their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a branded product. More than 55% keep the items for more than a year.

If your business is in Australia, you should make the most of this advertising strategy. However, the first step is finding a company specialising in promotional items. For instance, if your business is dealing with printed products, you can employ Printing Services in Australia or anywhere else your business is located to get the best results. These companies have tremendous experience dealing with branded items and have a team of experts who assist you with your branding needs.

What are the things to look for in a company, and what are some promo products they offer? Read on to find out.

Types of promo products

Companies dealing in promotional items offer a variety of products, including merchandise, clothing, bags, caps and hats, home and garden, drinkware, office, printing, sports and outdoor, and health and beauty.


Merchandise refers to items that you use in everyday life and that your customers would appreciate a lot. It includes products like wristbands, magnets, lights and torches, door and floor mats, phone accessories, and key rings. Your clients will love to have one of these items.


These include chocolates, mints, lollipops, skittles, and jelly beans. Chocolates make a perfect promotional product because they’re edible and delicious and remind customers of your brand whenever they open the packaging.

Moreover, people in Australia love chocolate. Reports show that around 14.2 million Australians consume it every four weeks. Rather than blocks or boxes, chocolate bars are a big hit with the population. You can easily capitalise on this popularity by distributing chocolates at an event.

Sun cream

Sun cream or sunscreen bottles offer an excellent opportunity to advertise your brand. You can ask the logo company to print your logo right at the front, ensuring that your client is reminded of it every time they apply it before heading outdoors.

As a company in Australia, you should make the fullest use of custom-printed promotional sun cream products. Sunscreens are found in all Australian homes, and a majority of people apply those before going outside. You can place them at your client’s doors and distribute them to people swimming or getting a tan at the beach.

How to choose a branding company?

You should choose a brand like Custom Gear Australia or another branding company in the country if they have sufficient experience with promotional items.

An experienced company will offer you a wide range of high-quality custom merchandise while helping you with your branding requirements, irrespective of size. They will ensure you receive the item on time per your budgetary requirements.

Before choosing a supplier, you must enquire if they offer free design assistance with visual mock-ups and pre-production samples. You could also check the brands they have worked with in the past.

Another factor to consider is their knowledge of printing techniques and the printer they use, as that will determine the print quality of the fabric.

You should contact a promotional product supplier to find the correct item for promoting your business. They will help you find a product that suits your brand’s image, offer assistance with design, and ensure that your branded item reaches you on time.



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