How Old is Ryan From Ryan’s World 2023

For those wondering, “how old is Ryan from Ryan’s World?”, the answer might shock you. Born on October 6, 2011, Ryan Kaji, the face of the popular YouTube channel “Ryan’s World,” is only 11 years old.

Despite his young age, this charismatic YouTuber has managed to captivate millions with his engaging toy reviews and family-friendly content, making him one of the most influential child YouTubers in the world.

Early Life and Background

Ryan hails from a multicultural family in Houston, Texas, with his father Shion Kaji of Japanese descent and his mother Loann Kaji, a Vietnamese refugee. The family’s roots are firmly planted in the soil of hard work and determination, with Shion being a former structural engineer and Loann a high school chemistry teacher before dedicating her time to Ryan’s budding YouTube career.

A Star is Born: The Inception of Ryan’s World

The creation of “Ryan’s World,” originally known as “Ryan ToysReview,” unfolded when a then three-year-old Ryan expressed his desire to join the ranks of other child YouTubers. Ryan’s parents, recognizing their son’s passion, decided to support him wholeheartedly. With a simple cell phone camera, they started documenting Ryan’s toy reviews and family adventures, uploading the first video titled “Kid playing with toys Lego Duplo Number Train” in March 2015.

The Growth and Rise of Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World skyrocketed to fame with its engaging and relatable content. The channel began expanding its content beyond toy reviews to include science experiments, educational videos, and family vlogs. In 2020, Ryan’s World entered the gaming sphere, posting videos related to “Roblox” gameplay, further diversifying the channel’s content and appeal.

Ryan’s Family: The Pillars of His Success

Ryan’s success has been a family endeavor. His parents, Shion and Loann, play a crucial role in managing and producing content for the channel. His twin sisters, Emma and Kate, also feature in some of the videos, making “Ryan’s World” a true family affair.

A Glimpse into Ryan’s Personal Life

Despite the fame and success, Ryan leads a typical life of an 11-year-old. He attends a local high school in the United States and enjoys sports such as swimming and tennis. Although he has a huge fan following, Ryan is not involved in any romantic relationships, keeping his focus on his education and YouTube career.

The Financial Success of Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World is more than just a YouTube channel; it’s a multi-million dollar empire. As of 2023, Ryan’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. The majority of his earnings come from ad revenue from his YouTube channels, partnerships, merchandise sales, and sponsorships.

Ryan’s World: A Positive Influence

Ryan’s World has not only entertained but also positively impacted millions of children worldwide. His toy reviews have influenced the toy industry, and his educational videos have made learning fun and engaging for kids.

The Controversies and Challenges

Despite the fame and success, Ryan’s World has faced its share of controversies. In 2019, the channel faced accusations of promoting unhealthy foods and blurring the line between content and commercials. However, these challenges have not dampened Ryan’s spirit or success.

Looking Ahead: Ryan’s World in 2023 and Beyond

Ryan’s World continues to grow and evolve, with plans to expand into new mediums and platforms. While Ryan is now a pre-teen, his passion for creating engaging content for his young audience remains undiminished. As his fans eagerly ask, “how old is Ryan from Ryan’s World now?” they can rest assured that no matter his age, Ryan’s World will continue to entertain and educate for years to come.


In conclusion, Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World is a shining example of how passion, hard work, and family support can lead to unimaginable success. Despite his young age, he has not only carved a niche for himself in the world of YouTube but also made a significant impact on his young audience.

As we move forward into 2023, we look forward to seeing what new adventures “Ryan’s World” will embark upon next.



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