How Ductless Heating Systems Can Save Money and Improve Air Quality

A home furnace can be expensive to replace, but there are options available to heat your home more efficiently without ducts. A ductless heating system reduces energy costs, distributes heat efficiently and installs easily. You can discuss your ductless heating options with a heating service in Raleigh.

Here are some basics: ductless systems are combined heating systems with three main components: a condenser outdoors, an indoor unit and a remote thermostat. Two-way heat pumps transfer heat between indoor and outdoor air, with outdoor heat delivered indoors during the heating cycle.

With Raleigh’s mostly mild winters, a ductless heating system offers plenty of warmth for significantly less cost than most other heating systems. Consider these advantages of ductless heating.

Smaller electric bills

Energy bills can fall between 25% and 50% with ductless heating, with savings quickly covering the cost of installation over time. Through the years, a ductless heating system becomes more cost-efficient.

Better air flow

Without ducts, the ductless heating system loses far less air from leakage and optimizes airflow. This helps distribute heat more evenly in your home and reduces wasted energy that never gets distributed.

Less space needed

Ductless systems are installed near the ceiling, unlike heating systems with baseboard or floor components that can take up limited space in your home. Unlike systems with ducts that have components in attics, basements and outside, the ductless system doesn’t require these to ensure better air flow.

Improve the home’s air quality

Ductless heat systems reduce dirt, debris and dust in the home because it doesn’t use ducts, which allow these to accumulate. The heating systems with ducts also spread dirt, dust and debris throughout the home as it distributes heated air. The ductless system eliminates the need to clean ducts, which can be a costly service.

Integrates easily into HVAC design

Ductless heating systems easily integrate into any home’s HVAC design and provide flexibility for future remodeling efforts. The heating system is mounted easily and can replace systems with ducts that include baseboard and floor heaters. The ductless system is installed out of sight for most people, takes up minimal space and can accommodate any home design

Flexible climate control

A ductless heating system gives homeowners more flexibility when it comes to customizing temperatures in separate rooms throughout the home. Keep the heat focused on rooms that you use and shut off other rooms that are not being used.

This flexibility is another way to save on energy costs because you are not forced to heat the entire home in order to stay comfortable in your most used rooms. Choose between a single-zone unit to heat one room or a multi-zone unit that ensures air can be spread evenly throughout the entire home. The multi-zone unit will project heat and air throughout the house and expand more evenly than other systems.

Choose the option that works best for you

Ductless heating systems can easily replace your old furnace system, reduce your electric heating costs, save space in your home by replacing dated baseboard and floor units, experience far less air leakage and provide customized temperature control for rooms throughout the home.

Depending on the size of your home and your heating needs, you can find ways to benefit most from a ductless heating system that works best for you. Discuss your options with a heating professional.

Whether you are replacing an old furnace system, considering upgrades to your home’s heating or planning a new construction home, consider whether a ductless heating system is right for you and your family.



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