David Serna Lawyer -What Will a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do For you

David Serna lawyer and a specialist in criminal defense law is a man who has seen just about everything during his career and he is also widely regarded as being the greatest criminal defense lawyer in New Mexico. What better person to ask about criminal defense then than David? We caught up with the great man recently to discuss some of the questions which are readers have been sending in and today we are going to share his thoughts on what exactly a criminal defense lawyer can do for you. 

Calling Straight Away

The first point which David made was that no matter what you happened to get charred with, if you have been arrested and charged with a crime then you need to speak to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Don’t wait, do it straight away. 

Checking That Everything is Fit and Proper

Law enforcement have certain protocols which they need to follow when they arrest someone, when they put them into custody and when they formally charge someone. If they have failed to do all this in accordance with the law then they are creating a big issue for themselves and cases have been thrown out before because of indiscretions such as this. When a criminal defense lawyer is contracted they will first look to see what the process of your arrest was, to ensure that everything was done above board. 


Whilst criminal defense lawyers are of course there to do a very important job, having an ally when you are going through these charges is going to be vitally important. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to answer any concerns which you have around the case and the process of it all, they will also be able to allay any fears which you may have about this process. This is a very unnatural situation to be in and one where you will need to know that you have someone on your side who knows exactly what they are doing. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is about far more than just having representation in the courtroom, they will also provide you with some emotional support. 

Plea Deals

 There are a huge number of deals struck in the courtroom between the attorneys and the judge and having a criminal defense lawyer on your side will greatly increase your chances of getting a deal. Let’s say that you have been charged with assault and that this is your first offense, you may find that a judge can spare you jail time in exchange for a guilty verdict and a hefty fine, this keeps you out of jail and it frees up the court room for another case, not to mention that it is one less person who the state has to keep incarcerated. 

These are the main benefits of getting a criminal defense attorney when you have been charged  with any kind of crime. 



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