American Musical and Dramatic Academy Reviews – Deciding Between Two Colleges

Choosing a college for yourself or for your child is not easy and it is a decision which comes with a great deal of pressure. Making the wrong choice could result in a poor educational experience and given that these years are supposed to be a springboard to a career, it is crucial that you get it right. If you, like we were last year, are stuck between two colleges then you need to start focusing on the smaller details in terms of choosing one from the other. To help you make the right choice, here are some tips which I would recommend. 


We were looking for a performing arts college for our son and we were divided between two exceptional colleges. We ended up choosing AMDA because of the incredible American Musical and Dramatic College reviews which read online. Reviews of colleges are often written by both past and present students and faculty members and they can give you a great insight into what life is really like at the college. For us these reviews were far more positive than the other college which we were looking at which is why we opted to send our son to AMDA, and so far it seems to have been the smart choice. 


Many specialist college shave solid connections to employers and this can make the difference when choosing one college from another. For example you may find a law school which has strong links to the best law firms, and this can give you or your child a great opportunity for the future. In the case of AMDA we knew that they have strong links to Broadway companies and this was another factor hick greatly influenced our decision. Check out which colleges have links to employers and this may be something which influences how you choose a college. 

Student Life 

Remember that college is about far more than just an educational experience, it is also a life experience which can be enhanced by the quality of student life on campus. A college which has a lively student scene with plenty of social opportunities is going to be the best choice here, as this will ensure a solid education and a great personal experience. 


Depending on how far you or your child wishes to travel for college, this can also be a key difference-maker in terms of which college you eventually decide upon. Distance from home makes a big difference in terms of which college you will decide upon as some prefer to be as far away from home as possible in order to enjoy more independence, some however prefer to stay closer to home so that it is easier to return for things like holidays. If the two colleges which you are deciding between have a large difference in distance, this may also be a deciding factor in which one is your ultimate choice. 



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