Considerations When Looking at Different Brand Name Ideas

Branding is essential for companies big and small. Take a gander at many of the biggest and best companies in the world, and they have great branding. When you’re a multi-billion-dollar firm, you can hire expensive, specialized marketing agencies that focus specifically on branding. With startups and SMEs, it’s often possible to craft great brands on a lower budget, but it’s wise to consider what goes into building an awesome and engaging brand. By using tools like Namify, you can come up with a wide variety of fantastic brand name ideas quickly.

Let’s look at some of the chief considerations when formulating a brand. Of course, unique brands can be the best brands, so feel free to dance to your own beat. That said, incorporating the ideas below may lead to a better tune.

Make Your Brand Have Meaning

Rather than just picking random words and names, it’s smart to first consider if you can develop a brand that imparts purpose and meaning. If your name hints at what your business does or its values, you may have an easier time reeling in customers looking for companies like yours.

Let’s say you’re setting up an HVAC company. Keeping homes warm and cool is vital. Your HVAC business might focus especially on “sustainability” and “renewable energy.” If that’s the case, you may want to incorporate these keywords rather than a generic name like John’s HVAC. Even a simple “John’s Sustainable HVAC” could help you attract like-minded customers.

Importantly, incorporating meaning, niches, and company values into your brand will help you highlight differentiators. The fact is, many markets are intensely competitive, and customers may be able to turn to a number of different companies. What makes your company different? Why should customers choose you?

That said, even once you have your differentiators and company values down, you may struggle to find the right name. Perhaps John’s Sustainable HVAC is taken, or you simply want something a bit more engaging. Fortunately, you can use tools to quickly come up with a variety of brand names (more on that later).

Vet Your Brand Ideas

So here’s the thing: the ideas you love may not resonate with other people. That’s why it’s important to source opinions from others. Once you generate a list of brand name ideas using tools like Namify, you can then create a short list of the best names. From there, you can source opinions from other people.

You can start with friends and family. However, there’s a downside to this: some folks won’t want to provide critical feedback to people they know. But if you’ve got friends and family who won’t shy from harsh criticisms, it’s smart to lean on them. You might also set up an anonymous feedback system using Google Forms

It’s also smart to ask for feedback on forums and the like. Sometimes random strangers can provide more insightful and true advice.

Don’t Forget Social Media Handles and Domains

When you’re crafting brand name ideas, you might not want to bother with domain names and social media handles. You can figure that stuff out later, right? Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. You might craft a brand name you fall in love with but later find out all the domain names and social media handles are taken. Fortunately, with tools like Namify, you can quickly check to see if social media handles and domain names are available for your short-listed brand ideas. If a great brand name doesn’t have any available handles or domains, you might want to strike it from your list.



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