10 Gun Cleaning Tips for New Gun Owners

Did you know that there are an estimated 393 million privately owned guns in the United States of America as of 2022? There are many big responsibilities that you gain when you choose to purchase and own a firearm. Operating the firearm in a safe manner is a big key to gun ownership, but you also need to put a lot of emphasis and focus on gun maintenance.

If you’re new to owning firearms then it’s possible that gun maintenance is a foreign concept to you. Cleaning a gun is vital to keep it operating the way that it’s designed to, and it plays a big role in keeping you and those around you safe when using firearms. And it is important to keep your walther accessories clean so they can last longer and perform optimally.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect article to learn all about the ten best tips that you should use when you need to clean your gun parts and gun accessories. Keep reading this article to learn the key tenets of gun maintenance today!

1. Know When to Clean

The first thing that you need to know if you want to practice good gun safety and gun maintenance is when to clean your gun. You can follow general rules about when to clean a gun or you can go on your own personal preference. In addition to keeping yourself and those around you safe, having a clean gun is important if you want to keep your investment nice for years to come.

Failure to clean your gun on a consistent basis could result in issues like degradation, rust, and a build-up of residue in the barrel. If you take the time to clean and oil all of the gun parts then you’ll have a firearm that works in a safe and effective manner when you need it most.

Many gun owners choose to clean their firearms based on the number of rounds they’ve fired since their last gun cleaning session. Always remember to clean your gun after using corrosive bullets if you want the barrel to remain intact.

2. Find a Good Cleaning Area

Another key tip that you should use when it comes to gun maintenance is to find a good area of your home where you can go about cleaning all of the gun parts. Any time that you start cleaning a gun you’re going to end up using oils and chemicals that might be a bit toxic.

The best place to clean gun parts and accessories is in a garage or a room that is well-ventilated. These areas make it easier for you to go about the process of gun maintenance without taking in too many toxic fumes. You don’t want to get sick or get a vicious headache while cleaning your high-quality Ruger 10/22 parts.

It typically takes longer than five minutes to clean a gun, and you don’t want to breathe in toxic fumes for that long. Take your time and find an area in or around your home where you’ll have access to plenty of clean air before you start cleaning your firearms.

3. Read the Manual

No one likes reading the manual for anything and guns don’t seem to be an exception to that rule. That said, a responsible and safe gun owner will remember to read the firearm’s manual before operating or cleaning the gun. A big part of this is to learn more about how the gun disassembles so that you can clean each gun part in a thorough manner.

Most guns have different processes that you should follow in order to maintain a clean gun. You’ll also learn about the parts of your gun that need to get lubricated.

4. Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

You also need to make sure that you’re using the right cleaning solutions and oils when you clean your firearms. It’s better to get the best quality when it comes to firearm cleaning supplies rather than cutting corners to save money. Not only will the process of cleaning your gun take longer but it won’t be nearly as effective compared to the best firearm cleaning solutions on the market.

The best cleaners make it easy to break down and wipe away any residues that result from using the gun. You’ll need to make fewer repetitions when cleaning gun parts like the barrel and the slide.

5. Buy a Cleaning Kit

The best way to make sure that you have everything that you need in order to clean your gun accessories and parts is to start shopping for a comprehensive gun cleaning kit. If you don’t have the right tools then it’s possible that you’ll find areas of your gun that you can’t access or clean.

If you own only one gun then it should be easy to find a small kit that meets all of your gun cleaning needs. Make sure that the caliber of your firearm matches up with the recommended calibers for the cleaning kit prior to making any purchases.

6. Look for Damage

Any time that you start cleaning a gun it’s always a good idea to inspect it for signs of damage. Start by looking at the external surface of the firearm while cleaning it to see if there are any signs of rust or wear. If you see areas that are getting worn then you should take measures to touch them up with a blacking paste kit.

You should also look for any dents in your firearm. Small dents could cause some big-time issues and put you and those around you in harm’s way.

7. Remove Rust

One of the golden rules that you should always follow when cleaning a gun is to remember to remove residue and rust. Cleaning the different gun parts is vital for ensuring that everything works in a smooth manner. Rust and built-up residue are sure to cause issues with the moving parts of your new firearm.

If you want to keep your gun working the way that it did when it was brand new then you need to prevent the spread of corrosion or rust. It’s easy to get a panicked feeling when you find rust on your firearm but you should have no problems wiping it away if you have the right oils or solutions.

8. Focus on the Barrel

The gun’s barrel is arguably the most important of all gun parts and you need to make sure that you’re prioritizing it when going about your gun maintenance. It’s one of the trickiest parts of any firearm to keep clean so you’ll want to make sure that you have a quality bore brush.

The wrong size of bore brush will either be too large to go through the barrel or too small to clean anything. Make sure that you get a bore brush that is meant for your firearm’s caliber. Your barrel should look smooth and flawless after you’re done cleaning all of the gun parts.

9. Apply the Oil

The lube is a vital part of any good gun cleaning regimen. The next step that you should take after you’ve cleaned all of your gun’s parts and accessories is to apply a thin coat of oil to all of your firearms parts. The oil is the perfect way to keep all of the moving parts of your firearm working as they’re designed to.

The oil also provides an added layer of protection for your firearm. It keeps the metal parts of your gun safe from the effects of air, which will cause rust after a period of time.

Make sure that you apply the oil evenly across the entire firearm but avoid dousing it or soaking it. Your firearm should have enough oil on it that it shines but not so much that it looks greasy or soaked.

10. Store Your Firearm

A big part of gun maintenance that often gets overlooked is how and where you store your firearm when you’re not using it. You should always store your firearms in a place where they’re secure, safe, and dry. The big goal of storing your gun is to make sure that everyone in your household is safe.

If you live in a home with children it is vital to teaching them to stay far away from your gun safe or your gun cabinet. You should also look at investing in and installing gun locks on your firearms to keep the children in your home safe from any firearm accidents and reducing the need to treat a gunshot wound to the arm of any member of your family (including yourself!).

Try to find an area of your home that doesn’t get too much humidity to place your gun cabinet or gun safe. Humidity is the biggest enemy that your firearms face when it comes to gun maintenance and safety.

Use These Handy Gun Cleaning Tips in 2022

When you choose to purchase and own a gun you need to commit to the work that gun cleaning requires. Your gun maintenance plays a big role in keeping those around you safe and keeping your firearm working as it is designed to.

Always look for signs of damage to your gun parts when you’re cleaning a gun. You should also get the right tools and cleaning solutions for the job, and always remember to store your guns in a dry, safe, and secure location.

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